Valentines Day <3<3


What’s that saying. There is no wifi here but you will find a better connection? Lol

Take lots of photos! Share it on Foodie + travel photography

We would LOVE to see cuba!


Haha that’s a good selling point. They should push that…

for sure I’ll post some pics! When I get back because the internet sucks lol

While I’m gone if you guys could prop the btc price up that would be great


Cant wait! Have an amazing trip stay safe and eat lots of delicious food!!! :explopants:


single AF :megusta:


Lets hook Tristrian up guys!


Should book a trip to Cuba. I hear they have bad internet connections which allows for better personal connections.


really pushing that slogan now xD


You from japan my friend ?


I am ABC, born in roo balls land. aka Australia lol

how about yourself?


Thanks :grinning:

buttt i kind of prefer to be alone :tinfoilhat:

you will have to giveup something to be alone, nothing is perfect

maybe humanity is coming to the end :troll:


I’m from the Netherlands haha


Haha a valentines gift to yourself :rofl:


Maybe we can have a valentines Pub hotline with @peter or @john talking about the deepest darkest secrets of crypto and blockCHAIN(ed) …“I need to wipe my forehead” bahahaha


Hey, I’m not getting shit, I’m single! No spoilage here! My secretary tho…


valentine free zone for me too…tho I am more bothered about missing out on pancake day today…:joy:


Best thing you could do!


My husband and I are getting really crazy for Valentine’s… Tax appointment.

We’re going out afterwards though, and it really doesn’t matter where. For a mom of 4 small children any excuse to get away is a good excuse.


how about pancake day with @scraggyhound or @Tristrian teehehe
joking xD

you have us! we giving out love to crypto fam :slight_smile:


ha ha, I cant cook 'em … have to be a ride out on the motorbikes instead:wink:


Wait, what? I’m single and I got myself some shoes, I’m getting a pedicure, I might buy some more crypto, lobster is in the fridge for tomorrow and chocolate covered strawberries (OK, OK…I got stuff for the kids…lol). I actually don’t really care about the day for me, but I treat myself well anyhow. :rofl: And the kids are spoiled a little by mama.