Valentines Day <3<3


Hello there pub!

Valentines is around the corner tomorrow actually! YOU ARE NOT PREPARED - illidan stormrage

  • Flowers + chocolate - obvious one… even better surprise her with delivery + note

  • Korean BBQ - bonding

  • Create something unique. They really appreciate this stuff.

  • Be absolute boss and make breakfast/dinner with setup like this

  • Buy them something they have been mentioning non stop…

  • Take them out for a one day get away, have some private time :wink:

  • Give her 1 whole bitcoin to hodl

Just dont do this… please…


What does Matty get his wife for valentines?

Nothing. She already has Matty… She don’t need anything else.


omg. this is legit.

i’m… doing nothing. as usual. i’m a loser.


Nah losers dont have a valentine on V-day :smiley: I keed I keed!

The wife and I haven’t celebrated in years.


A secretary at work has an amazing husband that has a gift delivered to her every day of Valentine’s week. Huge mixed bouquet of flowers, massive tray of Eileen’s cookies to share, a sexy outfit, jewelry, I forget what else. Making the men in the office feel inadequate and the single women feel extra shitty. Lol. But it’s awesome to see her pampered and know that she’s got a man who goes the extra mile to make her feel special. Pretty cool. :two_hearts:


so. much. props.



This may sound cheesy but at 5pm on valentines day, i’m pouring my wife a glass of wine, i’m taking the newborn and just letting her relax. She gives so much for all of us that she deserves to just relax and take a night off.


My husband and I got some matching crypto shirts in. Prolly gonna be wearing em around and hanging out/working :woman_technologist:t3: :man_technologist:t6:


You should get something small for her it will blow her mind! You might get something in return if you know!

Since your a genius with creating programs. You should make something! Just something small

Actually I’m screwed it’s tomorrow and I haven’t got anything or planned lol… maybe get flowers delivered to her work… $80-90… aud hell expensive…

John do it man!!


You spoiled! Lol guys we need step up our game!


Show me what you guys ended up getting! Would be very interesting to see how well you guys did! No explicit content !


Not a fan of valentine’s. If your love and appreciation is really from the heart, it should be spontaneous, not because the calendar tells you so. I find the whole setup a bit fake and cheesy.

However, my wife likes it, so I’ll probably get her flowers. I’ve also learned it’s a status thing. The women wants to show other women that they have a husband who loves them. It’s a posting competition every year on FB.


my thought also! I rather DCA! teehee
like you said, its more for the yeoja. Once a year is not too bad i guess, the memories you create is what matters the most.


I was thinking about buying her some sexy lingerie haha, don’t know if she will like it though…


hahaha, i thought about that multiple times before… scared a slap might come my way though…
good luck with it though haha


Are you Korean? Are the women very conservative there? My wife would love sexy underwear.


Me ? I either was in my previous life or I might have some korean in me who knows. My partner and I love korean food and korea so much lol. I’m going be there soon in less than two week!!!

I heard korean couples, the husband is usually scared of the wife haha.


I’m gonna spend my V-day with my bae ICX :icx:


I leave fore Cuba on the 15th so I’ll probably make dinner and fall Asleep in the couch and then we leave at 4am. I picked Cuba because they have almost no internet haha