USI TECH scam or legit


Alright let me clear up a few things and make this simple. Yes I am part of USI-Tech, however I will try my best to be unbiased.

Let me just start off with my thoughts on the whole Ponzi/MLM/scam ideas out there. Naturally when people see an MLM structure in any business, they automatically think scam. That’s just how their mind works. Successful companies can have MLM structures but get criticized every day. Are there scams out there? Yes of course, could USI be a scam, it could. In my opinion there’s no way at this point in the game to say they are or they aren’t.


  • Packages are purchased in BTC and returned in BTC daily, so you do not lose the value if bitcoin goes up. Opposite hold true as well if the value of bitcoin goes down.
    Example 1BTC will turn into 1.4BTC, whatever 1.4 BTC is worth at that time (could be positive or negative) You can also withdraw daily instead of waiting till you get all of your returns. Minimum withdrawal is ~100$ worth of btc at the time of withdrawal. (2% withdrawal fee)
  • You do NOT get 1% daily every day. They payout anywhere from .7% to 1.1% from what I’ve seen Monday through Friday, and not on weekends. Your contract ends when you reach a total of 140% not days.
    Example: If they payout 1% per day every day it’s 140 business day. However not the case, sometimes your contract will end sooner, sometimes it will end later. If you are averaging less than 1% returns daily then your contract runs longer.
  • Proven ethereum mining. They do make income on mining ethereum coins ~1000GH/s. You can use a converter to see how much they are making off of jus that 1 source alone

Possible cons:

  • You are investing in a company, not necessarily bitcoin. Can USI tech go under? Yes. But really, if you are an investor, no company you give capital to can guarantee they will not go under. It’s called a risk. It applies everywhere. Just like you can have a job, and poof the next day they close the doors. Happens every day.


Anyone manage to get a payout in the last 24 hours -hehehehe. The end is nigh. Cashflow is slowing. The fab 4 are ready to jump


Yep, sure did. Not sure where you get your assumptions.


With the history of Mike Keifer and Ralf Gold on German websites and Severino banned in Portugal for a previous Ponzi, what’s the odds of USI being a scam. About 99.9999999999%


Why did they create this company if they have a bot trading?

What is different to bitconnect?

Why are you working for them? What is your job? or you mean you invested?

If your honest what is the real point to invest in USI tech? or do you guys just need money for your bot?

Sounds biased towards negativity but it is somewhat of a pyramid scheme right so be honest and tell us why?

What are your thoughts on bitconnect?

Why are people having issues taking money out? and why does your software automatically purchase packages for customers? is this a fault or supposed to happen?

Sorry for load of questions just really want to get this


LOL. Minimum invest of 50 euros, yes. But minimum withdrawal is 0.00867 BTC, or around $121 USD. So you can never withdraw from that investment unless you buy more packages. Please delete your referral link, that’s not allowed in the Pub.



Lol. Another unbiased opinion.
point 1: with USI your return on your btc is 40% in approx 140 business days (or 5-7 months > <)… let’s say you invested 6months ago just by buying btc at approx $2500 and you kept it till now at 15k, That’s a 500% return.
Reply to your second point: if btc goes south, they will start reducing your payments.
Third point: they are mining for themselves! not for payouts, certainly not you. They don’t need to mine because they made lots of btc already last year your your rebuys and token sales. Another thing, where is the $70 millions worth of mining? ~1000 GH/s is in eth mining is ~ 33,000 RX580 GPUs, which at wholesale is probably 10 million.

Possible cons: well that’s a given.


I too am involved in USI-TECH. I think it has legs. They appear to be mining both BTC and ETH. They also do high-frequency Forex trading. They are rolling out a coin, ATMs, and more products. I broke even long, long ago and I’m deep in profits. 13x last year because you buy packs with Euros. Packs are the product which consists of BTC and ETH, etc. I’m now buying more packages with earnings and withdrawing a small, steady but growing income for as long as it lasts.


The minimum makes sense because of the high fees and lag times associated with the BTC blockchain. Anything less than $5) is probably a wash. Today when I checked the minimum was about $120 USD. That makes sense to me. I usually pull out one day a week for $500 or less. If you only put in $50 Euros or start taking money out when you only have 1 pack then you don’t understand how these things work. Unless you are going to go in with a fair significant amount and compound for a while then you would probably be better off buying an obscure coin and praying.


I went in with 1 BTC and have also got my ROI, however, I didn’t bother with compounding as I was making much more BTC doing some simple trades with the rest of my bitcoins. My post was responding to another person here which recommended buying in with 1 package using his referral code, which we both know is stupid.


That makes sense. Having a plan and doing what works for you is what matters. Expecting to sign up and get rich quick off of a single package is what some people expect.


You are correct. However, in this case, the return is approximate. 0.76, 0.98, 0.82 are typical returns over a period of time until you reach 140%. That takes somewhere around 140 days. You also get the growth of BTC.


Just a quick update on my USI-Tech payouts. As of yesterday I’ve got my initial investment of 3,150 € and a little extra payed out:


I’ve continued buying packages since yesterday.

I’ve updated the shared google sheet as well with the actual investment data: USI-Tech


Heard USI ceased operations in US and Canada?



Came across this video earlier today


A warning of what’s to come for the rest of the world


Think, they realised the SEC is closing in so better bail out now! or they’ve made enough from the US market… after all it’s… it was their biggest market.


So with the shutdown, are getting your money back?


Like I’ve just updated a few hours ago I’ve got my initial investment out as of a day ago. It’s in my wallet. The cease and desist could have some effect, sure. But I don’t think It’ll be substantial. It addresses mostly the way how USI-Tech was advertised by “Partners” to get more people to sign up under them. I don’t advertise and I don’t have any affiliates signed up under me. The growth in my package count is build on pure profit since I’ve got my initial investment out. I’ll watch this closely but will continue to buy packages for the moment.