USI TECH scam or legit


It would be easier picking the first three past the post in order, for a whole race meeting, having only 1 pick per race and repeating this every day for 12 months


Thank you once again @seikin! Then I get it. And I will definitaly take your words under consideration since I’m already uncertain myself.

Thanks! :pray:


Interesting that you are withdrawing your money entirely why not leave some in ? If you don’t believe then think of it like a lottery ticket :wink:


That’s assumes there’s 12 levels of pay out always, there isn’t ! It also assumes the company has no business itself, if mines bitcoin and ethereum, its trades and it makes money in arbitrage. It also charges small fees for money in and out so a risky they absolutely can afford the returns given their ability to understand the cryptocurrency world
They don’t show their information on accounts as they aren’t allowed to divulge that sort of information and still be trying to get ultimately accepted by all regulators and eventually go public.

If you don’t trust USI tech go look at everything you can find on them yourself before writing them off. There’s a lot of fake news and bad stories that are just lies flying around :wink:


I watched the video of Ralf (bullshitter) Gold talking with fellow scammer Charles Scoville. That was enough BS for me


Here is proof that USI Tech actually does have a very large mining operation in place. If you look they have anywhere from 750-1400GH/s. They are one of the top ETH miners. I know they have other mining operations too (XMR?) but those wallets are harder to find due to the cryptos anonymous nature.


You need to “look them up” more. If they’re so “legit” and “successful” it shouldn’t be this hard to tell. Plus securities commissions in Canada are calling fubar on usi-tech


Ya the ONE ETHER they cashed out is paying for their huge payouts lol!!!


It’s called math, maybe learn it.


How come Horsch didn’t mention one word about the Ethereum pool on yesterday’s live hookup. Not one word


It all seems to be working just fine now though. :grin:


Yes, has been working OK for a few weeks now.


USI Tech has never failed me. Not once. We have of course had our technical bumps along the way and growing pains but 2018 is going to be one hell of a year for USI Tech. This will be the year when all the haters get blown out of the water. Sorry but you are about to get proven wrong.


Its already been mentioned in multiple previous webinars.


The State of Texas has issued an order to cease and desist against 2 affiliates and USI. The virus should spread quickly from here. The finish line is in sight


Yep. Keep believing what they tell you. u know sometimes it’s good to question especially if it’s questionable.


I question all things. Even my own creations. This is why we pivot so much!


I’ll be around to see that. For the time being I’ll even keep reinvesting but I wont recommend any of those investments to anybody else. Like I wrote… BTC would have to do really bad that any of those offerings could outperform the gains of simply buying and HODLing BTC. Just look at the data. It’s simple, if your’e not collecting any affiliate bonuses and just count the gains they pay you loose money compared to HODLing BTC. If your’e collecting those affiliate bonuses what are really honest arguments for USI-Tech compared to buying and HODLing BTC?


USI-Tech was just hit with a Cease and Desist order by the Texas Securities Board yesterday (Dec 20th). Here is the official order:

Some more detailed info here:

This also could be what initiates the SEC to act on a federal level.


Interesting! Michael Crypto is my promoter for USI-Tech.