USI TECH scam or legit


I’ve actually got more Bitcoin back than I put in. I haven’t referred anyone, and I won’t. I’m just waiting it out to get the promised 40%, as long as USI tech don’t close-up shop in the next 35 days, I’ll be up. I won’t be reinvesting in USI tech anyway. It was a curiosity and I had a colleague who was persistent in giving me a referral.


But just buying and holding BTC would have got you 3 times as much in that same time.

It will be interesting to see how these pyramid programs work if/when BTC takes a nose dive for any period of time.


The pay back is in Bitcoin, so you put 1 Bitcoin in, you’re suppose to get 1.4 Bitcoin back after 140 working days.


The contract is only 140 days… and they have already made 1,000x amount off of your $60… Their insurance to payout all contracts should be really low compared to their profits. This is truly a great business plan that they have. LOW risk low payout… day trade bitcoin high risk high returns. Some people just like it simple and don’t mind paying $60 and get returns. Its affordable and it pays out daily so theres no loss.


100% true but there are people out there too busy doing other things in life so they don’t mind the small gains as long as its better then any bank savings plan, IRA or insurance policy. This is the cream of the top comparing those plans to USI Tech. I’m doing trading, USI packs and mining other coins. Be versatile and gain all direction if you can.


@PaulAnthony, I totally agree, I feel it was a high-risk handing over 1 BTC. I became agitated when USI-tech started have website problems a few months back. But I have since got my BTC back and some, so I’m glad my contract is almost over. I won’t be reinvesting with them. But I guess investing $60 is actually low-risk and low return, but why bother, when you could buy a low-cap coin and in six-months it’s bound to go up at least 40%, e.g. VTC, GRS, IOTA, NEM.


lol your money is already at risk. You sent it over to coinbase or any exchange. Your money and everything is a risk including your driving. Your money has vanished into coding and you’re worried about $60 that will compound the investment to triple? Many things we need to think about, many things… Good luck to us all may we all weath for there is enough to go around. Cheers!


If you go up and look at doifeellucky’s post, they pay out in bitcoin, but the calculate the 140% of the USD value of the bitcoin you give them at the time.

So you make 40% in USD value on the bitcoin you gave them. Meanwhile, just holding the bitcoin would have given you several hundred percent.

That’s how they make money out of you. They just hold your bitcoin as it goes up im value. And they only have to pay you a fraction of its increasing price over the 140 days.

You give them bitcoin, they give you less back over that time but trick you into thinking your gaining by using USD figures to show male it look like your gaining.

Remember to count bitcoin in, and bitcoin withdrawn. Forget the 140% nonsense.


I’ve received 1.1 BTC back so far from 1 BTC investment, I still have around 34-5 days to go. So should be on track to 1.4 BTC soon. I haven’t been looking at the dollar value of this investment at all. Anyway, glad to be cashing out of USI-tech.


I am a noobie trader that is averaging 12.37% a day returns on my trades. I have taken $1,300 and increased it to over $9k and if MANA breaks thru today like I expect I will be over $11k. I have 3% of my portfolio in USI tech… but you guys are right it (USI) is kind of a scam. They are making 20% to 100% or more a day and only giving you 1%. What a scam. Check out my trades before and after I make the profit. Cranky crypto on facebook. I’m sure most people from the old world (non crypto world) believe these returns are unreal and fake. Well the people who used Pony express would make the same claim about sending email. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND blockchain is the new internet times 100 then you are clueless. 1% is easy. I could show you how to make 3% a day less than an hour a day. Grow up kids the internet is ancient history and so is the stock market.


Even if USI is a ponzi… it wilil continue to grow with Bitcoin. Even Madoff made a ponzi for 20+ years till he had too many bad years in a row in the market. Well if you understand the technology of blockchain you will realize we have 6 quadrillion more dollars to convert to block chain. At that point it could pop but I feel it will stabilize.

IF YOU DON"T understand the technology please sell your coins. You belong in the old system of fail and FIAT debt. /rant

Cranky Crypto


@Joel_Mullins, is that rant aimed at me? it sure looks like it. I do understand the technology and I’m fully invested, 80% of my fiat salary goes into crypto and I have no fiat savings and no debt thanks to @peter and the kind folk here in The Bitcoin Pub. I also am a noobie, only 6 months into crypto and on average have made 500% gains on my portfolio. I don’t care about USI-tech, but 1 BTC in USI-tech makes 5% of my crypto portfolio. I’d rather be in control of my private keys instead of a third party that can close-up shop at any time. I just dont understand why you are ranting.

P.S. I see you join the pub a hour ago to have a go at us for dissing on USI-tech. If you’re that good a trader why did you bother with USI-tech? was it the outrageous referral commissions?


I´m interested in USI-tech and If I understand it right you will get 1,4 BTC after 140 days if you invest 1 BTC in those packeges. So you wont loose the incresed value of BTC over that time, since you get paid in BTC (avarage 1 % interest per day). Am I right?


@Nebulosa, yes that’s right, that’s the sales pitch. I have actually got my original investment back without referring anyone. But I’ve since realised that USI-tech can go under at anytime. As many have said if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck it probably is a duck.

Most people making the big bucks on USI tech are reinvesting their BTC returns into more packages to compound the earnings and referral friends, colleauges and family. If you do invest I suggest you keep people you care about away from USI-tech just in case it goes tits up.


Thanks all for your informative comments!

As a summary of what I grabbed from the 134 commtz:
1, usi tech is legit but has a risk…so does any investment
2, buying and holding bitcoin gives you many fold profits than what usi tech does in the same period of time
3, bitcoin seems to be a good invstnt for the coming years so is usi tech
My question is: can you cash bitcoin anytime? Do you guys believe its prices will go up near 30k usd in a year or so? Tnx!


Your number 1 assumption is a bit skewed. And you can only withdraw the daily accruals on your initial amount bought. If you rebuy you are locked in to another 140 day cycle.

Much better to buy bitcoin direct on an exchange. You get the immediate benefit of any rise and arent locked in


Thank you for your answer and advise @seikin! Much appreciated! :blush::pray:

I’m not sure what to do yet. Still trying to understand it.

If I buy these boxes for let´s say 1 BTC (for todays price 18k) - I will get a certain amount of those boxes (50 euro each). And after 140 days I will get back around 1.4 BTC.

But if I buy these boxes tomorrow for 1 BTC and the BTC value then is 15k - I will get less boxes - but should anyway get 1,4 BTC back after 140 days.

I just can´t wrap my head around it. :slight_smile:


The boxes are always 50 euros. Figure that one out and the uplines get 35% skimmed off the top. If you get paid it is with new entrants money for boxes. There is no other way they can make the money up. If they could make it up they would produce their bank records


Since you get your interest though you don´t have any referrals It could actually be possible that their “fully automated trading software” can make 1 percent gain per day - or maybe 10 (so they keep most of the gains themselves). It differs from Bitconnect in that sense that you get your BTC back with interest. You get paid in BTC not in dollar.

But I really don´t get how I can have more boxes and get less paid. Which is the case I described above. There´s apparently something I am missing.



The packages are a standard 50 euros. If bitcoin is up then you get more packages for your bitcoin. The return of 1% per business day (for 140 days) is on the cost of the package in bitcoin, e.g. at current BTC rate each package costs 0.0033 BTC, the 1% return for that package will be 0.000033 per day. Example 2, 1 Bitcoin buys 303 packages, with a typical return of 0.01 BTC per day for 140 business day (~6 months), total ~1.4 BTC.

I hope this clarifies the arrangement. As many have mentioned before there is an extra level of risk involved in giving your BTC to a third party for a prolonged period of time. USI-tech pay you back daily, personally, I make a withdraw every weekend to minimise my exposure to potential loss.

I don’t recommend USI-tech, please consider other ways to invest where you have control of your crypto coins.