USI TECH scam or legit


Stuff the passive income. Buy Bitcoin direct and you make much much more. The trouble is all the layers in the pyramid make nothing so they hsve to spruik it up daily to suck in their commissions. Thats wher e the real money is if you have no morals or ethics


I agree, the pyramid part is eh but I like the return on capital…if its real and so far its been legit…


Just give me your money. I promise to give it back over 140 businrss days. And if you hit the rebuy button for the next 3 years, I will never have to pay it back


Don’t have to hit the rebuy button. I stopped rebuying and I am getting my money back.


Lol. So true tho. Funny when things are made simple they seem stupid.


But why have you stopped rebuying? Our leaders have created many successful businesses like Upper game and even flogged Lyoness.One of our leaders did so well in Portugal, he has been banned from all financial
games there. Don’t you trust us? Go on hit the REBUY button. We have sooooo many 50 euro package plans coming up


Checking to see if I can get my full amount back. Like I said before I am still skeptical about it but so far its been working for me. Not sure why you are acting like a douche.


watch this video it will explain usi-tech and why is it the safest out there


Any paperwork to confirm their current position. If not, it’s not safe but extremely extremely dangerous. Developed to attract the needy and greedy and dumb


so what is your proof that its “extremely dangerous” i myself have profited tons from it and all the people i know also


Anyone with half a brain can see that it is a ponzi. Huge risks involved in terms of loosing your investment. Plus, it isn’t exactly moral to be promoting such a thing, is it?


Anyone with half a brain can see that people are making millions from it, its one of the most trusted
bitcoin trading systems out there. If €50 is a huge risk for you, don’t invest in bitcoin


Why don’t you add your affiliate link while you’re at it.


Common now guys. @Blumb cc.

No need to get heated.

We all make our own decisions. No worries here!


Ponzi scheme?? First off we dont invest, we simply get a return on a purchase of fractions of coin


Promises arent made buddy…Results are never guaranteed. Your bogus claims are hilarious and absolutely wrong.


Whats the difference between getting a return and investing. BTW you would have made 3 times your money if you had bought bitcoin direct


Im not trafficng anything. What makes you think I am


Only the spruikers and early adopters. Ponzis can go on for a while. There’s quite a history of ponzis. The last in and those that keep rebuying will find that out in due course


Guys chill out. Those flaming those who’s invested, what’s it got to do with you? It’s not your money at stake is it, it’s theirs. Maybe your just trying to be helpful and if so, I respect that. But shouting from the roof tops, getting petty about it and just effectively branding people as your wrong im right is going to piss anyone off.
So lets all remain friends, and keep each others best interests at heart. After all we are a family right!?