USI TECH scam or legit


Banks are federally insured, insuring deposits in the United States against bank failure.


10%??? The person selling to you as well as a string of others in the pyramid all get paid commissions from every new package sold. Up to 35% of the 50 euros goes on commissions Up to 60% of token sales goes on commissions. It’s like playing musical chairs, pass the parcel and punting at the track. We all know what happens eventually


When you say offline what do you mean? I am new and still learning. Rather learn from more experienced people like you than making mistake myself. I was thinking usi tec but after reading your smart comment It has changed my tune


I think you just answered your own question


I recently invested a lot of my own money into USI-tech.
I made several videos about my thought process.
The first one here is a review that also doesn’t hide anything including the ‘shade’ thrown around about some of the founders past.

I considered all this before making my investment and so far I am quite happy with it.
Happy to discuss it.

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No need to think too much about the founders past. It should have you running for the hills. Just watch the video of Charles Scoville of Traffic Monsoon fame and Ralf Gold. Pure gold. Ralf was going to produce evidence of crypto trading ,6 months ago. It’s pretty difficult to explain a blank page.

Ralf kept making excuses about keeping the third party traders identities secret. All he has to do is to provide the daily bank statements of USI showing the net settlement of trading. Again, pretty hard to do when there is very little to show.

Spruik it for all it’s worth and make the 35% commission on each package for you and your uplines. But don’t hang in there for too long


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Sorry no referral links allowed in the pub, I removed the link. :+1:


USI tech is not a scam because so far they are paying out as they promised… a 40% ROI after 140 business days. How do they give you that return exactly?.. Well, give me 50 eur, (1btc package) and I will pay you 0.50 per business day for 140 days… voila! In 100 days I have returned your capital! How good was that? Now, all I have to do is fulfill that promise of 40% or 40 days of 1%. At your end, you say to yourself, " wow this company is great because they are doing as they say" so you do the auto rebuy thing. Guess what, by doing the re-buy, you have just given me funds to more than cover that next 40 days of payout I owe you… and the auto rebuy cycle goes on. Oh and by the way, I have been paying you out as promised so why not refer your family and friends to make 40% too? If you do, I will give you up to 35%, 12 levels down commission of the money they put in…


That is how you people invested in, oh wait… scammed into USI are getting paid for now. Do your research and decide for yourself. Like I told my cuz. "you’re in it already so make your money then get out!. So to answer the question, scam or legit? People in it will call it legit, people who have looked into it will say legit, people who look deep into it… will say SCAM!..


I think they hope from token sales, but so far only 25m we’re sold internally. That’s not really enough for the scammers to exit now, so they will be out there to sell the stuff!


I dropped 1000 in Control Finance. I am pulling money out daily

Somebody mentioned control-finance… WHAT A SCAM!!! One day, they did just shutdown the website and run away with all your BTCs…

US-tech is another one… One day, probably soon, they will shutdown the website and nobody knows who is the owner. Epic scam!


Stuff the passive income. Buy Bitcoin direct and you make much much more. The trouble is all the layers in the pyramid make nothing so they hsve to spruik it up daily to suck in their commissions. Thats wher e the real money is if you have no morals or ethics


I agree, the pyramid part is eh but I like the return on capital…if its real and so far its been legit…


Just give me your money. I promise to give it back over 140 businrss days. And if you hit the rebuy button for the next 3 years, I will never have to pay it back


Don’t have to hit the rebuy button. I stopped rebuying and I am getting my money back.


Lol. So true tho. Funny when things are made simple they seem stupid.


But why have you stopped rebuying? Our leaders have created many successful businesses like Upper game and even flogged Lyoness.One of our leaders did so well in Portugal, he has been banned from all financial
games there. Don’t you trust us? Go on hit the REBUY button. We have sooooo many 50 euro package plans coming up


Checking to see if I can get my full amount back. Like I said before I am still skeptical about it but so far its been working for me. Not sure why you are acting like a douche.


watch this video it will explain usi-tech and why is it the safest out there