USI TECH scam or legit


It is obviously a pyramid. That’s why withdrawals are delayed, as they’re waiting for new payments to come in.


I’ve chucked a fair amount but not loads on USI to see what it was about towards the end of last year.

got about 30% out but been waiting for about a month for a 10% withdraw now.

Raised a fair few tickets all the same sort of response but still not withdraw come through !


Hi guys just joined up here with a warning about usi tech i am currently enrolled with them and things have gone from bad to worse this weekend. Please please please do not make the same mistake i have and do not give these guys any of your hard earned money… this weekend we have heard rumours of btc packages being stopped and replaced by btc package 2.0 with immediate effect ( even though usi tech havent even bothered to inform its so called valued customers yet ) we have been informed by affiliates that we will recieve a payout of 100% ( this remains to be seen ) not the 140% we signed up for and wait for it… we will recieve our original investment once current packages reach 100% at 0.75% per day running 5 days a week will take upto 9 months to tecieve our money back… please share this i formation with anybody even thinking about joining up with usi tech to save them the headache i am now facing… thankyou :smiley:


If i do actually recieve any more information regarding this matter from usi themselves i will post it here for all to see. If anybody doubts what i am saying is true im sure u may know someone involved with usi tech ask them. and after this weekend im sure i will not be the only one posting warning about usi tech being a scam…


Dang. Nice name btw.
Sounds like y’all should just bought bitcoin.


If only i knew then what i know now lol


All my pending withdrawals (pending since 3 weeks) are in “rejected” state now. I found the following info:

Since I have a net return of more than 100% from them I guess this is it now.


USI-Tech has also cancelled all my pending withdrawals for the last 3-4 weeks and has made the balance of my wallet zero. Lost about 0.2 btc from the wallet. At least I got my original investment and around 0.4 btc extra out. What a shit show. USI-Tech is now promoting a new token called Techcoin and cloud mining, everyone please stay away from Techcoin and USI-Tech.


Just got this answer to the ticket I’ve opened:


Thank you for reaching the USI-Tech Support. Hope you have a great day!

We do apologize for the inconvenience that might cause you, We’re in the process of migrating all our members over to the new TechCoin Dashboard. Please bear with us as this process is completed. We believe that the issue you’ve facing will be resolved by the time if the data is fully transferred.

There have been some delays in backoffice display updates as we correct all the initial data errors caused by a more rough than expected data transition from the old system. EVERYTHING will be real-time. Hopefully, by this time all of the issues that you might encountered before from the old dashboard will be resolved soon. We highly appreciated your patience as we are almost finishing all of the updates from this new TechCoin dashboard.

If you have further concern and clarification, please let us know.


USI Tech Cease and Desist Order"?

Seems like their situation is getting worse and the same for anyone who has invested with them.

Annoyingly I had a payout pending!


Update from USI-Tech Website:


USI-TECH Update Feb 27, 2018

Below are a list of commonly asked questions about BTC Packs 1.0 and 2.0.

Q. What happens if I purchased a BTC Pack 1.0 that has already paid out returns more than 100% of its initial BTC value?
A. That BTC Pack 1.0 is now expired (terminated).

Q. What happens if I purchased a BTC Pack 1.0 that has already paid out returns less than 100% of its initial BTC value?
A. That BTC Pack 1.0 will continue to pay out until 100% of the initial BTC value is paid out.

Q. Does it matter if the BTC Pack 1.0 was paid with BTC from an external BTC wallet or Exchange or purchased as a REBUY or PARTNER REBUY?
A. NO. All BTC Packs 1.0 purchased with external BTC or internal BTC (available balance / rebuy) will pay out until 100% of the initial BTC value is paid in full.

Q. How will the returns be paid for BTC Packs 1.0 to pay out the 100%?
A. They will be paid from Ethereum Mining, company profits and any BTC mining revenue that is unused to pay new BTC 2.0 Packs.

Q. What is the total return paid on a BTC Packs 2.0?
A. Returns are paid 7 days a week from BTC Mining revenue until 140% of the initial BTC Value paid for the pack is paid.

Q. Are returns from OLD Packs 1.0 being added to the Available Balance in the Dashboard?
A. Yes

Q. Can returns from BTC Packs 1.0 be used to purchase BTC Packs 2.0?
A. Yes

Q. Is the migration of data to the NEW back office for BTC Packs 1.0, available balances, etc complete?
A. NO. It is still being worked on.

Q. Is the company going to advise ALL members via a back office update and email WHEN the back office is completed with ALL data?
A. Yes


So they’re basically stealing 40% of the promised returns on already bought BTC “1.0” packages. Before they promised 140% return on BTC packages in around 140 working days. At least they say that they’ll payout 100% of the original BTC value of bought packages.

All withdrawals that weren’t payed out are “rejected”. My BTC wallet balance isn’t updated as of now. We’ll see if that will even happen as they proclaim in their “Q&A”.


They’re confirming the Ponzi by saying that the sale of new btc will pay for the old one…


Scam 100%. Met founders themselves in a UK tour. Please expose those fraudsters so they don’t steal people’s money anymore. Any serious investigation lawsuit welcome to contact us for further action. Company data in UAE is also all faked, including their alleged data mining and trading software, etc, etc. ALL FAKED & LIES.