USI TECH scam or legit


That’s good to know. Time to dig out my Trezor to check.


I do not recommend trying out USI-tech. The sooner I’m fully out the better. You can easily do better with buying and holding crypto directly, always have control of your money.


The next payout came in just now. I’ve been initiating payouts every workday since Jan.17. On the USI-Tech website they also informed that they’ve reestablished the North American USI-Tech market. I’ll be monitoring this further but for now I’ll be withdrawing daily.


Teach me your ways mr miyagi, i want to learn…


what country you in? USA Canada cant withdraw.


I’m US Citizen but I live in Germany. I think there are still some accounts under review. Since I’ve had nobody signed up under me and therefore didn’t collect referral commissions my account was never blocked from withdrawing.


Never, do not try hahaha


Mine didnt either yet I have no capability to withdraw. No wallet yet.


Update… I didn’t receive any payout since January 24. I’ve got 11 withdrawals in pending state since then! Last response to ticket I’ve opened for this came in on Feb. 2.


Thank you for reaching the USI-Tech Support. Hope you have a great day!
We will have to follow up this concern to our technical team to escalate this kind of issue. We will get back to you once this concern has already been fixed. We appreciate your patience.
Please let me know if you have further questions.

I’ll keep you posted.


Ruh roh. Hope you get it…


Thanks Peter! Frankly I don’t expect to get the rest of my money out of this at this point. I’ve got my initial investment and a little extra out. My takeaway here… with this my personal HYIP experiments are done and over with. It’s not a substantial amount of money that’s stuck in here but still it starts bugging me in general.


I got a payment from them last week, waited 1 month for it.


Two payouts came dripping in yesterday and the day before yesterday. So it seems they’re behind 10 business days now regarding payouts.


They just interviewed the owner of USI Tech on Australian 60mins, he didn’t even know what the word Ponzi meant and admitted to it being a pyramid scheme. I guess that means when the down line cash stops coming in you all lose your money right!? Also under investigation by the US authorities.


It is obviously a pyramid. That’s why withdrawals are delayed, as they’re waiting for new payments to come in.


I’ve chucked a fair amount but not loads on USI to see what it was about towards the end of last year.

got about 30% out but been waiting for about a month for a 10% withdraw now.

Raised a fair few tickets all the same sort of response but still not withdraw come through !


Hi guys just joined up here with a warning about usi tech i am currently enrolled with them and things have gone from bad to worse this weekend. Please please please do not make the same mistake i have and do not give these guys any of your hard earned money… this weekend we have heard rumours of btc packages being stopped and replaced by btc package 2.0 with immediate effect ( even though usi tech havent even bothered to inform its so called valued customers yet ) we have been informed by affiliates that we will recieve a payout of 100% ( this remains to be seen ) not the 140% we signed up for and wait for it… we will recieve our original investment once current packages reach 100% at 0.75% per day running 5 days a week will take upto 9 months to tecieve our money back… please share this i formation with anybody even thinking about joining up with usi tech to save them the headache i am now facing… thankyou :smiley:


If i do actually recieve any more information regarding this matter from usi themselves i will post it here for all to see. If anybody doubts what i am saying is true im sure u may know someone involved with usi tech ask them. and after this weekend im sure i will not be the only one posting warning about usi tech being a scam…


Dang. Nice name btw.
Sounds like y’all should just bought bitcoin.


If only i knew then what i know now lol