USI TECH scam or legit


Hi guys. Can someone help tell me if USI Tech is legit or a scam? They basically sell bitcoin package and you will make 1% daily and whoever u recruit u would make percentage of it too. Seem like a pyramid and something like bitconnect? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks


I would be very very wary of anyone promising a certain return rate. These types of companies are often ponzi schemes. You are better off just buying coins and waiting for them to go up. Just my 2 satoshis


People make money in these Ponzi schemes. the trick is to make sure you aren’t in long enough to be holding the bag. I dropped 1000 in Control Finance. I am pulling money out daily and it’s posting to my wallet. I will pull out daily till I have 1/2 my investment, then reinvest every other day till I have balance of original investment out. 5,5 months. After that I will reinvest daily until I double my original investment and hopefully make monthly withdraw after that until they fold. If it goes that long. :o


Hi there, I was introduced to USI-Tech by a colleague couple of months back, I bought 1 BTC worth of packages. Seems people generally bring others into it, getting a commission of 10%. I originally did the rebuy of packages to compound my return, but soon realised has all the markings of a Ponzi scheme and stopped, I’ve decided not to introduce anyone for that reason. I have been withdrawing my returns weekly and have been in it for around 40 days, I’ve almost withdrawn my original investment is USD. They do pay out like clockwork, the deal is promised 40% return in BTC, i.e. buy 1 BTC worth of packages, the return 1% per working day for 140 days (around 6 months).

So yes, I’m making money, but it’s a bit too risky for me, plus I wouldn’t want any family or friends to become bag holders.


Yea my friend is conviencing me to join saying his goal is to make 1million within a year. But I fumbled on some sites saying usi tech is a scam and the founders have recorders of scamming ppl before and some websites saying it’s legit. So I don’t no wat to believe lolZ


I have this childhood “friend” who is trying to get people to sign up for usi tech and obviously using his link (so he gets % of their stuff) but I was curious, is anyone here actually signed up and what do they think of it? I don’t want to do it and convince others to do it if in the end it is a ponzi scheme which it does seem like on some levels…


USI tech is not a scam. I was in Click Intensity and completely ripped off. I went to the meeting in London and what I saw was no way a scam.

They had ATM machines and are going to place 3 million around the world. They have invested $70,000,000 in mining and going the take 1% of the share in mining.
When I tell people to invest, I tell them the risks, tell them to take their seed money out. I can see USI tech being here for years.


I’m in I’m new but my upline is rather successful
Everything one does has risk
I wouldn’t invest my life savings but it’s a fascinating business model


Yes the london meeting was extraordinary


Well said
It’s a business model that makes money end of story. Not everyone will make money as not everyone will perform the same who becomes involved. Evidence is the opportunity is NOW
My upline has a 22 year old virtually retired already through this!!! It’s working for him


So have you all been able to cash out 100% of your ROI? Or have you rebought and compounded? If it is the latter, you haven’t made anything yet. Packages have no value until cashed out.

I have been cashing out weekly without rebuying, got back around 80% of my initial investment. Now USI tech has conveniently messed up their back office and have broken their wallet system and have switched my returns to auto rebuy during their system upgrade, locking me in for another 6 months.


I can personally vouch for Tak and Haran two of the founders and promoters, they are no scammers, very genuine decent blokes, who left very decent high paying management jobs with b-sky blue to hop on to this…they have good heads on their shoulders and do not get involved in anything less than genuine…


I would agree that it’s a business model that makes money. USI-Tech sales pitch is the 1% return over 140 working days, achieved by a magical trading bot that they developed, possibly from the forex roots. USI-tech must deliver on their promise, regardless of any other MLM. So everyone should be able to cash out and get that 40% return on ROI. So I would have to disagree that not everyone will make money.

I believe you refer to performance in your post as the referral system, which is 10% commission for anyone directly below you, furthermore anyone that they bring in provides another 3% commission, filtering down to the 3rd level of 1% commission form the people below them, this is their standard “Business Model”, the 3 Tier matrix (“Pyramid”). To further increase your money earning potential “pyramid power” you can pay a lump sum price to gain commission for more levels below that.

The other aspect of the business model and the rebuying of the 50 Euro packages (in BTC) with your gains to compound your investment, again the commission system kicks in so everyone above gains their share, while everyone below you also fills your pockets when they rebuy or refer fresh people.

I understand people make money with these MLM schemes, I’m not interested in that aspect, so I have not referred anyone. At the very least I wanted the promised 40% return on my investment. Once that occurs I’m out, I don’t care for USI-Tech, if they had a working trade bot, you’d think they would be able to make money and pay a team to make a decent working website and back office that doesn’t have as many hiccups.


It’s the classic Ponzi. No evidence of cryptocurrency trading, 35% of new investors money going to pay the pyramid commissions, up to 60% commissions on the new coin, no financial statements. Perfect for early adopters and the financially illiterate


Have USI Tech members able to withdraw their funds due to the back end problem or all the balance converted to another 6 months or so contract…,



I have since been able to withdraw some funds (a few days of returns), not much tho’ since they used my accumulated BTC to re-buy, locking me in for another 6 months.


Did you buy a lot of packs? what do you think of the risks involves. Do you plan on withdrawing your seed capital asap? and let your profits to run and accumulate. . As you probably know this maybe a ponzi or pyramid outfit, no matter what they say.


@ryan123, I have 55 packs, most are expiring soon, except the recent unauthorised rebuys, 4 in total. I’m taking all my BTC out, I have no desire to continue buying packs and compounding. I’ve come to the conclusion that I rather gamble with my own BTC than have some else gamble my BTC for me. Plus I dislike the MLM structure and concept for making money. Reminds me of timeshare holiday cons.


USI is giving you 40% just like Bitconnect is. Another Ponzi. They are paying you with new members funds. Once that starts drying up so will yours. If you rebuy, all you are getting is figures on a screen.


There are no accounts to tell you what the position is. No independent auditor sign off. I suspect that many more are rebuying rather than withdrawing so there is not much pressure yet on payouts. When a lot of small people build their parcels up and want to withdraw then watch out. Lots of pie in the sky plans but nothing on paper to show how the predicted cashflows will work. More new products will come to suck in 50 euro amounts. How does anyone know the financial position of USI. There are no accounts. Where is the 10 million a month to pay for the planned mining coming from, month on month on month. Coin sales aren’t that flash from current 400,000 members. Who is the NDA partner. For all you know it could be the boys.