USD pairs on Bittrex today?


Is this the beginning of USD pairs on bittrex ? does anyone else see this ?!




Saw the news pop up on my phone. Open up the floodgates!


This is a really good contender for some price increases. Even though it’s only open to approved corporate customers, big money now has a gateway to a plethora of cryptocurrencies when the pairs are made available. As it rolls out throughout the year, retail customers will have access to their favorite assets through USD pairs. Pretty exciting news from the Bittrex team.


I just got a mail yesterday inviting me to apply for enabling USD trades, but minimum wire transfers are $1000 (and I’m poor) :man_shrugging:


I see they have more USD pairings. Is it still a minimum of $1000. Or have they lowered it?


Usd pairings for these states only

And the $1000 minimum is still there


And identified verified customers outside the United States.

They’ve opened my account for USD trading, but yeah it’s still a $1000 limit for transfers.

But if your end goal is crypto, at least you can send BTC or whatever there and avoid trading with USDT/TUSD/whatever.


There is going to be a USD/TRX as well, on Bittrex. Supposedly 9/17. Wondering if it will help the price go up alittle.


I am not worried about a limit. What bothers me is have to send $1000 or more at a time. I dca, and that is much more than my weekly amount.

I was hoping for a $80 or $100 minimum like Kraken.
Have you been able to do an ACH bank transfer or wire for less than a $1000 Bittrex.

Gemini and Coinbase allow ACH transfers that are free for any amount, not sure what the maximum limit is. They both changed recently.

My point is I am hoping to avoid wire fees, from my bank. If I do have to pay it, I don’t want to be forced to save for prolonged periods of time, just to get my cash onto an exchange.


It probably will add some volume, the price bump is probably happening now from speculations if at all. After a few days or less the price may dip from speculators sells.
To be fair I don’t know as I don’t watch Tron news or events. I am interested in ADA and XRP. I wish they had OMG.
The wire fees and minimum limit are turning me off.

I will reach out to them and ask some questions.


I haven’t actually used Bittrex for 6 months… I have done very little trading lately.

I just got a mail that they opened my account for USD trading (after first getting a mail saying I could apply and then doing nothing), but I havent checked it out.

I can’t trade on GDAX because you need 2 ID’s to validate in EU and I only have one, so for me it’s a nice alternative, even if I’d have to take it somewhere else to take profits. If you have to send $1000 that is, it only says deposit minimum, there’s nothing about withdrawals…

I’m not at home, and don’t have my Bittrex password here, but I’ll check it out later.


I tried to call them, and could not get though. Afterward I saw the customer service was in Washington State, they probably weren’t open yet.
Finally I live in the free state of Texas, were aren’t approved for the USD pairings anyway.
I will keep an eye on Bittrex, but for now I will pass on opening an account for now.

I wanted access to usd pair for ADA.