UPDATE on 1st post: Fill your bags while you can! My Gift back to the Pub - Hidden Gem - Horizon State ( HST )



Yes i can imagine that man. Btw, use 2fa! :slight_smile:


Are you using gmail? If so, look in the trash. That´s where their emails went for me.


Yeh it was in trash but took over an hour by that time it timed out. Eventually got it working after the 5th try


Re: TV shows embracing this coin. Idk if this was mentioned before in the thread or if you came up with this but that is an amazing, very aplicable use case. Imagine Any ‘X country’’s Got Talent type show or Big Brother type show using this system as the voting system for choosing a winner or eliminating a character. You my blew my mind.

With this idea in mind, I’m trying to get my head around how this coing could make smaller sized communities more efficient. Clearly big communities such as entire governments or national TV show viewerships benefit a great deal, but how about smaller communities like neighborhoods, universities, or communities of <1,000 users. Perhaps in the scope of HST provided above, this is not included, but it very well can be in the future if the company proves to be sucessful on a grander scale.

Regardless of their utility for smaller the smaller communities, I’ll be DCAing this bitch erryweek ya feel me.


Some great thoughts here, I completely agree with you!

HST is already focussing on large communities ( ref the NU deal they just landed some weeks ago ), but your right, this could be beneficial for any large community, organization, university etc.
Its not only a lot cheaper, it gives organizations the possibility to ask their community a lot more often on their opinions.

PS, i did not mention this here before, but the HST platform offers a lot more then just the decision making tool. They have partners where they offer certain financial services via the platform as well.

Possibilities are endless…!

PPS: I cannot push this enough that their Telegram is a GREAT community. We are 4.6k members with a core of some hundred that are active on a daily basis, discussing possibilities of the platform but also many other things in life! :slight_smile:
Anyone who is a bit interested in this project should join it!


Bummer, not listed on Binance.


Nope, only listed on some very small volume exchanges at the moment. Kucoin is by far the best bet ( and easy to set up an account ).

They are in talks with at least 3 top exchanges. Should be comming ´´soon´´


I’ll keep my eyes peeled.Thanks.


@Pheriannath why is it only tanking lol hahaha! :wink:


Haha, there is no volyme at this moment. a 5000$ investment could double the price.
Dont worry, check in in some weeks. and thank me later! You will not care if you bought in at 50c or 1$ by then :slight_smile:


Ok I’ve placed my order low as adviced :smiling_imp:

So this being an erc20 token, I can move them to my MEW wallet later?


nice one! :slight_smile: I just bought more today as well haha.

Yes, its an ERC20 token and you can move them to your MEW.:+1:


Bought some and transferred to MEW!

Having some issues with transferring the token to metamask, something about the gas price and limit which always leaves me clueless!!
Any tips for a complete noobie :man_facepalming:t4:


I am also not a pro on this, but you need a (tiny) amount of ETH in your MEW wallet to cover the transfer cost.
think 1-5$ worth of ETH is already sufficient :slight_smile:


I just bought in and joined telegram. Looks great. Thanks mate.


I´ve send you a warm welcome in the telegram channel! :grinning::+1:


Thanks for the write up - I just bought some and joined the Telegram channel.


have I seen your band mate, im guessing its a punk outfit…
I used to love seeing punk bands at Retford Porterhouse,Sheffield Marples and later on Rock City…
plus everywhere in between…
Just saw Captain Sensible had his cherry red SG stolen…legend that fella… hope he gets it back…I know I dont look old enough! :wink::rofl:


Hi Scraggy
1977\8 I was in a band called the Social Rejects, we did a lot of gigging around the North West, mainly Liverpool/Manchester way, sadly we never made it up to Sheffield but what a time to be alive for the music & general Punk vibe, the best years of my life mate until I discovered Btc a few years back.

Pity about the Captain getting his SG nicked I saw the Dammed quite a few times at Eric’s great band to watch live as were most of them back in the day because they were fully into the music & lyric’s with meaning & a social comment to it.

An no you don’t look old enough mate, take care :sunglasses::+1:


That is great. Did you guys ever release a vinyl LP? If so if love a copy of 2.