UPDATE on 1st post: Fill your bags while you can! My Gift back to the Pub - Hidden Gem - Horizon State ( HST )



Morning Dudes and Dudettes,

Alot has happened in the Horizon State sphere´s and I thought its an appropriate time to give a short update.
Horizon State has just finalized their rebranding ( Only style and logo, to fit more for purpose towards their clients, not specifically to crypto investors.

I will give a small bullet summary. For more information on each point, Dont hesitate to ask me here in the comment field, or go straight to Horizon States Telegram

The biggest thing announced:

  • In negotiations with 3 (!!!) countries to run national elections. One of them is in Europe (
    not EU per sé ) and are now in round 2 in their negotiations. The other 2 are still just talks.

  • Horizon State has been awarded World Economy Forum Technology Pioneers. This is a group//award that has previously been given to companies like Dropbox, Google, Spotify, Twitter etc. This is not some silly award for crypto projects, no, this is the real deal. SUPER exciting news which will open so many new doors.

  • Mivote will run in partnership with CNN run a national vote in the USA on Gun Control in November. They will be using the Horizon State platform for this!!! This will create MILLIOINS of votes and as you can imagine will create a huge buzz and media attention. Not officiall news that has been released yet. It was mentioned by the founder of Mivote on a podcast. HUGE!

  • Mivote ( the non profit partner of HST ) Is as we speak training 200 politicians in India to work via their system. ( TDLR, Each vote they would put out, will be based on their followers opinions. their followers will be voting on different issues via the HST platform. Always, in each country Mivote is active)
    At the moment, already 1 MILLION people has vowed to vote for these 200 politicians and the number is growing. This movement will create a HUGE amount in buying pressure for the HST platform.

  • Oren (CEO) and Nimo (Co-Founder) joined the Telegram group 2 days ago. Here they confirmed the following:

  • 2 more large partnerships//clients are about to be signed in India.

  • A Football club in Europe country wants to use Horizon State. They wanted to meet after the world cup but have speed up a meeting to next week. Talks have occurred for the past months. ( would be great promotional material ).

  • At the moment, the are in talks with approx. 20 customers, with a combined volume of users exceeding 150million (!!) this is without the 3 possible national elections.

Guys, this spaceship is about to launch. Actual buying and usage of the platform from September // October.
In my opinion this is it. The golden ticket.

Do your own research, ask critical questions, let me know if I can help in any way!

Hi Guys n Gals,

Ive been in the pub for a long time, my activity has had its ups and down, but I always check in to see whats going on! :slight_smile:
Been in the crypto space since May last year and the Pub has really guided me through the market, making me able to find the right projects for the right reasons.

I wanted to give back and share this find with you guys. after hundreds of hours of researching many different projects, I think this is THE hidden gem of 2018, with a realistic potential to go 20x-40x before the end of the year. For you who know me know, I dont easily make a claim like this.

I will write some info on the project here for those who are interested. Those who only want to talk GAINZ, check the ´´ token mechanics´´ part.

NOTE: I am heavily invested in this for 2 main reasons:

  • Obviously the immense amount of gainz that seem inevitable to come
  • Seeing the potential of this project to make the world a better and more honest place for all.

The project I am talking about is Horizon State - HST

“Horizon State is a blockchain-based platform and ecosystem that enables efficient vote casting and decision making processes. The platform operates through the use of Decision Tokens (HST). These are used for running the decision and voting processes by providing the ‘gas’ for voting and other services within the ecosystem. Horizon State is currently engaging with governments, large corporations, blue-chip customers, local councils, unions, education facilities and non-profit organisations who will utilise Decision Tokens for polling and voting processes. New products and services across the ecosystem will require the use of HST, driving the token value and demand.”

In short: Decision making which is unchangable, unhackable, AND a LOT cheaper than a typical voting process ( we are talking 70-99% cheaper, dependant on what kind of decision making it is ).

Not really a sexy product is it? Thats possibly the reason why it has been so low-key during the past 6 months. But this low sex-appeal gives a great opportunity for early investors to optimally reap the rewards to come.

They have a working platform//product which is being implemented ´´ as we speak ´´ at several large clients.
Next to the several clients they already have, HST recently landed 2 huge clients, which includes the use of their platform for ´´ decision making on a weekly basis´´.
Both of them are in Indonesia:

Only these 2 clients together create a client base alone which is larger then the total amount of ETH wallets out there ( approx 30million last time i checked ).

Media interest is picking up with articles in Reuters, CNN and Business insider

Token mechanics:
Now we come to the interesting part for us investors.
HST is not a P2P company, but a B2B. Investors are somewhat irrelevant for their success. Therefore its not of much importance that there is such a lack of buzz around this project yet.

How it works: When a client wants to run a decision making process on their platform, they will pay in fiat. ( contractual price, or quote per each vote ).
With this fiat, Horizon State will buy the amount of HST for this amount on the exchange from us investors! The tokens are send to the supplier and used for the voting process ( each token or decimal of a token represents a vote ).
After each vote, the tokens are given back to Horizon State. Up to 8% of the used tokens per vote are burned and the rest are sold back on the exchanges to the market price. with a maximum of 20% per month

As you can see, this creates a larger scarcity of the tokens each time there is a vote. It also makes sure there is no Pump and Dump everytime there is a vote.

Horizon State is in talks with MANY more possible clients. But only looking at these 2 newly received clients, with a possible usage of tens of millions of votes on a weekly basis , with up to 8% burn AND max sale back of 20% of used tokens per month, its a NO BRAINER that this price will sky rocket.

Situation as of now
HST is now being sold for approx 0,90$ per token and has a market cap of under 30 mil$. It has been as high as $5,50 in early January before the dump. This was before HST had any clients running.
There are approx 6500 HST wallets, so people investing now are one of the first!.

These 2 new clients will have their apps implemented around July. After that, I expect that the HST craze will begin.
My carefull expectations are that we could see a HST token price between $10 and $30 by the end of the year, but honestly, the sky is the limit here once the clients start using, and investors start FOMO´ing.


I am here for any questions and I will try and answer them. But I suggest anyone who is interested to do some research on this project. As its not only a great investment, but also a great project Morally wise.
One of the founders, Jamie Skella, is also doing an amazing jobb spreading the good word of Blockchain technology. Worth looking into!

Their Telegram channel must be the most friendly telegram I have ever encountered. Join there if you are more interested in the project.
Some official links to the project:
Telegram: https://t.me/horizonstate
website: https://horizonstate.com/hst/

I even got @peter to do an interview with him!
If you get the introductions, the Dogelord can make it happen!

Siamoss Trading Channel

Nice to see some pub members already joining the Telegram! :slight_smile: :call_me_hand:


Thank you for nice review. It could have nice run in next months, even marketing is very weak.


They do little to no marketing to investors. Thats very true! But its a complete different story towards possible clients. And that is actually where the success of the project lies. Investors are of less interest for the success of the platform. :grinning:


Looks interesting! Thanks for sharing it with us! I will look into it a bit more :slight_smile:


Nice! again, the project is not so ´´sexy´´ , but the token mechanics and the contracted clients just makes it such a secure investment.


Same here in the Netherlands man. Its hopeless. Can u imagine the cost that can be saved for governments to do this via mobile phones? Also, the amount of people that don´t care to vote because its too much of an effort or because they think there is no point anyway ( due to Fraud ) . All this can be solved!


Completely agree! It will take time. I saw an interview with one of the founders Jamie Skella yesterday, he mentioned he expects at least another year before Western governments are interested.

However, they are in talks with several governments ( national and local ) on developing countries which are very interested in this. The recent deal with the local government of Jakarta shows this.
In addition, they have a lot of focus on large organizations and companies. They often have a very commercial approach to this solution as well, and see the cost benefits.


Sounds daft but I bet that TV companies could possibly use this system for counting up user votes in stuff like X-factor & other audience participation events…


So, do I sell ICX for this?!?!?


Funny that you mention that! they are actually in talks with a ´´hollywood TV show´´ if i remember correctly. The REMTECH awards also just run a voting on HST :


I am starting to like this a lot P, I will have to try and juggle some of my assets to make room for some Hst on a HodL:sunglasses::+1:


What about this? ICX or this one?? :slight_smile:


Haha, Wouldnt hurt holding both!


Obviously, you got me all hyped up!
Good analysis man! :muscle:


Haha thanks man! This was just too good not to share.


Spot on mindset for our decentralized future!


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GET THE WHALES! asdf asdf


Thx for a great review :slightly_smiling_face:

How will their blockchain be secured? PoW or PoS? Is the blockchain decentralized? If this is going to be used for real they must proof beyond any doubt that their blockchain will never be hacked/manipulated and will be alive for ever. Governments will have a lot of safety requirements if they decide to use it.

What percentage of your portfolio is in HST as of today?