Understanding what Q is trying to tell us


Cicada 3301 search them


I know who they are lol


You have alot of allies. Look at this recent case of russian delegates how many countries got your back


Remember the recent LdR spat with Q after Jacob Roth supposedly went down in a aircraft crash when 2 aircraft collided? The pilot of one was named Mike Green. The wreck happened in the woods directly behind the Rothchilds huge estate(castle).
We can do this all day. :wink:


I enjoy your discussions. I thought I’d deliver another verse, ahead of the media Socrate.

We cannot teach anyone anything, we can only make them think.

Take a loqk at Justin McConney (@JustinMcConney): https://twitter.com/JustinMcConney?s=09


Kavanaugh gets in and I believe tons go down. Look at the resistance taking place.


You can see the posts here and they are updated in real time…


I usually don’t like anonymous sources at all and go to great lengths to stay away from them, that being said, Q is real and only with a lot of work and effort does it become really obvious that that’s true. I am waiting for the secrets revealed section of American and world history. There’s a good chance that America has been run by total complete criminals from Kennedy’s assassination all the way till now… There’s a chance that the secrets revealed section is the only way to reset the entire system. People are not having real discussions, instead they’re arguing their points and the only way to get back to a real discussion is to shock the shit out of everybody to the point where there so freaked out that they realize something else’s probably going on. In other words one way to get people to have an open mind is to scare them to the point of making them cry with scary revelations of people they thought they knew that they didn’t. In the end it’s not the pedophilia that’s going to freak out the American public, it’s the seamless integration of Satanic sacrifices with the pedophilia that’s going to freak out the American people. Q is real even though most people will completely deny it, Where we go one we go all;-)