UK PUB MEET UP. Saturday 8th December!



Come on guys it’s called Lunch time not Dinner time. Dinner is what you at the end of the day.

Tea is a drink… :joy:


Nope. :joy::joy::joy: )&;!?@?,;fvkvc


13:00 of which date sorry?


8th December we whittled it down to mate


Dude… as I typed it…I knew I would be getting flak… :rofl:
I just couldnt give a toss… :joy:

So no passport needed to enter past the M25 ???
Just to get home… :wink:

Max…im probably going day before, make sure Im up in time…plus If I get any trouble in Soho,friday Jacko can sort it saturday… I popped his pic on my plenty of fish profile…
I’m fully booked up till end of november… :rofl:


I might do the same if I’m not working the Friday night :thinking:


@MaxP I’m grateful that you, keep pushing that to make it happen and I can’t wait to see you guys, because I’m coming! :slight_smile: Have a great weekend


Nice one! Be good a day man! See you on the 8th!


Due to family commitments Im really sorry All but i cant make it on that date.


Just a month to go! :+1:t3::+1:t3:


Can’t wait for it Brother!


HGood morning UK pub goers!

Hope you all have a good weekend planned! I’ll be spending mine on the A64 shutdown :upside_down_face:

So as mentioned, the date of the meet up is Saturday 8th December. I have got us a table at a pub near Leicester Square called Waxy O’Conners.

14–16 Rupert Street

Closest tube station is Piccadilly Circus.

Table is booked from 13:00, then we can decide what to do from there! (I have a hotel booked so I’m in no rush to get home!)

See you all on the 8th!!