UK Panorama 8.30pm Bitcoin


bad press is still good press?

not my view. just wondering if thats your point @Nigeyb


yeah, I never heard of one coin,I wonder when she handed over 30k…before bitcoin took off or after. I felt bad for her.but shit handing over that amount of cash to a stranger…Its nearly as bad as buying Tron. :joy:Pity they didnt do a 5 min Binary compare that shit has scammed more people than anything,


it was the government banker lady that intrigued me,admitting they were behind the parabolic curve…no surprise there then… lets see what happens at G20,France and Germany want it banned,must be that ecb asset balance sheet and 60 trillion euros of derivatives worrying them. People buying crypto is like a run on the banks, I dont think it would take much to put big banks back in crisis…I have emptied my coop account…:thinking:


just thinking that though…Merkel and deutsch bank can always go to coinbase for a fiat loan! :rofl:


I thought it was a really good programme - very balanced. I liked how the explained in layman’s terms how bitcoin works, something even my mum could understand. As for FUD - seriously. Stopping people buying bitcoin with credit cards - sensible move for the banks, don’t invest in shite ICOs, makes total sense, etc. Well done BBC


What sensible person would buy doge :joy:


Watched it all and have to say I agree. I won’t be asking for my license fee back after all. Good balanced TV.


I got two points:

1. Insinuation by association: 20% air time repeating the ‘Onecoin’ ponzi scheme. A policing failure portrayed as a major ‘feature’ of crypto currencies. As predictable as BBC jumping to condemn the ‘Britain first’ membership of a tweet owner instead of acknowledging the content of the tweet: islamic terrorism. I am not at all surprised that the muslim-on-muslim crime occupies a major portion of the whole crime counts. The muslim lady lost her saving because of the ‘far-left-all-culture-are-equal’ nonsense BBC and the whole political establishment supports, NOT because of Bitcoin.

A BBC journalist reporting facts risks being shot in London, the ‘mother of all democracies’. That’s 2018 for you.

2. Sensationalism: No one (angel or villain) interviewed in the whole documentary said they aimed to become a millionaire by dealing with Bitcoin, no one! Yet the title has to be ‘who wants to be a Bitcoin Millionaire?’ As if the mass is always stupid, the commoners are always greedy, the homeless’ highest dream MUST be churros.

The reality is the opposite: The mass voted to leave the EU in spite of the obvious BBC ‘remoner’ propaganda; UK GDP grows the fastest post referendum to the contrary of all ‘expert warnings’; Even the homeless knows EU is a ponzi scheme that punishes the rich and honest countries.

Typical communist propaganda tricks all over, I say.


Ithink it highlites the fact that people should do research. But it does get crypto currency noticed and outthere


fair point mate,
I’ll need to watch it again I think to gauge it better. I just felt the way they edited it could have been better, as I said why the f@ck did they have horror style music playing pretty much throughout and when breaking down how the block-chain worked, why where the guys wearing anonymous style masks? Unnecessary as far as I was concerned.


here is a link to the documentary for those outside uk.


thanks! i was about to say…


We have to pay £147 licence to watch tv - (all to BBC) so we don’t like free sharing :sunglasses:


I can livestream to youtube whilst i play it here :joy: