UK Panorama 8.30pm Bitcoin


eliese dadyiani, she’s filth i bet!


All negative properganda, where is the positive? The tech? Advantages over fiat?


Sounds good mate haha!


Clarky & Raven, this is breaking me! This is such old news about bitcoin, people still think it’s used to by drugs on the dark web. Jesus, such outdated views ffs.


on a positive, most of the people who watch panorama regularly will be dead in 5 years.:sunglasses:


They must of hand picked that bitcoin millionaire :joy: not good


Haha really! Tim draper, he’s legit to be fair. He’s mega bullish on bitcoin, have been for years.


Watching it now. Don’t forget the BBC is meant to be impartial so hopefully they will be a balanced conclusion. If not I’ll be writing to demand my license fee back… To invest in more crypto :wink:


isn’t it funny that most of the people who think crypto is a scam already have money :thinking:


Not him the young lad smoking the thing doing hoops :joy:


Apparently the market is manipulated? Didn’t know that…




What a load of shite


Just so you know Icon is a utility token and not a currency, so regardless if bitcoin succeeds ICON has potential as a network for years to come. Wheres as right now, bitcoin is pinning it’s hopes on be a currency which I feel is open to alot more risk.


What a load of shit that was by the way. That was nothing but fucking fud. Im actually really pissed off after watching that, don’t know about you lads…


Alot of people coming in and watching the episode might of only heard of the millionaires. I think the point about the onecoin ICO was decent to alert the public of these issues. As you said as well the ledger explanation was the best I’ve seen yet.


I see it as opposite, the platforms have great potential but unless the apps and business’ generate revenue for token holders it may all fall apart. Look at ETH at the minute the price is inflated due to ICO’s most of them will fail, so what’s the value to me and you to hold the ETH? It’s only speculation that one day the price will be higher because of demand, at least with BTC we can store our money away from banks and also have a medium of exchange.


started off ok, but went south quicker than bitcoin in a fud bomb…total dross, loved the mining rigs tho.


Well, it had airtime? Typical to bring up drug money again. And where there’s money there will always be scammers. I’d say it was 35 / 65 ok ish lol.


What a load of FUD!! :racehorse::poop:

Give it 5 years and we’ll see who’s laughing then BBC. Ripping folk of with your fees on licensing.