UK Panorama 8.30pm Bitcoin



fascinating. be interesting to see this.


tuning in now sir. hoping for fomo not fud…


red wine poured, bbc1 on and ready to go. can you guys get a stream in the u.s ?


Just about to watch aswell after seeing this!


one good thing, its the bbc tech guy from the click show.


anyone taking financial advice off the dick of wallstreet nee their head sorted :disappointed_relieved:


So far this guy seems like a fucking noob! Banks are not a trusted point for us all to use. What a load of rubbish.


But to be fair the blockchain was explained quite well just then.


i like the fact hes breaking down the mechanics of the blockchain but the way they are editing it is shit…scary music and anonymous style masks on people in their visual representations.

that was one impresive mine though.


haha yeah 1mil a month to run it, holy fuck that is quite alot! :joy:


Yeah what the fuck is this shit. OneCoin…your fucking joking me right. Ofcourse it’s a scam…do feel so sorry for the girl though.


People will think BitCoin is a scam now ffs.


and now the scams…wonder if they’ll show the positives in the market.
fear sells news though…


This is pissing me off, why are they showing this to the public. Scams happen in anything in life, people are opportunist and there will always be sharks.

How about we talk about the positives it offers, and how it can change the world. This is just permanent fucking FUD.


we’ll go halfs on one in 2020 :explopants::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


eliese dadyiani, she’s filth i bet!


Sounds good mate haha!


Clarky & Raven, this is breaking me! This is such old news about bitcoin, people still think it’s used to by drugs on the dark web. Jesus, such outdated views ffs.


on a positive, most of the people who watch panorama regularly will be dead in 5 years.:sunglasses: