UK Cryptonation


Yeah I think there was a post not long ago about this but it’s sort of fizzled out


Yeah mate your probably right, i think i saw something knocking about a while ago. I’m in london most weekends, could be a good place to meet as everyone knows where that is and good access links.
But can meet wherever to be honest :+1:


So up for this but some logistics to work out. I might just knock up a google form and get some data or has someone done this already?

I’m based in East London so I would probably lean towards london as the first one them moving up the uk as we progress?

If I get a few people liking this then I’ll start the ball rolling.


Think we said brum was the best city because of someone from Scotland


If it was Brum then I will definitely go.


I’ll try get one set up. Probably looking at October/November until I know I am fully free. Think it’s best people have plenty of notice


Yep I think Nov would be good, should give everyone plenty of time.


Hello all! We’re still very much around, and are in fact launching our Public Beta on October 18th!

We’re making a proper UK Cryptonation post with details, which is here:

Check us out, and we’re always available on Twitter for any questions or comments you may have!

All of our channels can be found here:


Hey Guys,

We’re not super active on here, but we would love to send someone to a potential meetup, and maybe even buy a few rounds of drinks for the group. XCH4NGE loves the UK crypto community!

Let us know about any plans at


There is one tomorrow