UK Cryptonation


Am in Hitchin, north Hertfordshire originally from Edinburgh. :fist:


Based in Bolton near Manchester.

Ist crypto I bought was early Jan and was Z Classic. A friend recommended it as he reckoned it could rise in value with the fork being announced.

Biggest holding by far is VEN which I got around 10 Jan onwards. Praying that one comes good.

Next biggest holding is BTC, and then Qash, and a tiny amount of MCO.

MCO should be rolling out their cards in Singapore soon and could well be the go-to card, ( or could go to nothing of course)

Got into this to raise some capital for an e-commerce business and hopefully find my way out of the 9-5 grind .

Great to be here!


Prndle Lancashire here :v:t4:


I’m London, and a meet up is a great idea. Has anyone got a meet up in motion yet?


Hi all,

A meetup is happening this Saturday at 7pm in London (meeting at Youtube Space If you are interested in attending, please DM me so that I can add you to the DM group of people attending.



The Lambo Express:


Has reached Lands End this evening!


If anyone would like to say “Hi” we are easily bribed with tea. Do PM.

Tintagel a few days back.


Cheers MX


Love it! What a great place! Enjoy it my friend!


from bedfordshire. if hmrc are looking its all gambling lads. just good old gambling. no need to look any further


@Stu It’s what intend to do when my portfolio is ready to be cashed out, hopefully this year!! I’ll still be in the pub daily, and invest daily but just be cashing out enough to buy a house ect.

ICON at $50 by EOY should do it!

We should get all the uk guys to meet up somewhere in the future, maybe london.


sounds great. Well done on how your getting on.

I have a shit ton of a way to go till i am anywhere near the amounts the guys on here are trading…


Hey cryptonation , big hello from the north east , Middlesbrough .


Hello UK crypto brother, great to see this thread is still alive. We should in the future get us UK guys together for a london crypto meet up, if people are interested we should get it organised. :+1:


“Summer” is over lol.


Hi Cryptonation. I’m in Worcestershire. Been into crypto since last summer.
Also trying to master Hyperledger, trying to figure out how to put together a Fabric webapp right now.


Hello Cryptonation UK!

We’re XCH4NGE, a new peer-to-peer startup based in London. We’re kinda like Local Bitcoins 2.0!

Nice to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Hey, dropped you a pm if you like to meetup and grab a coffee sometime? Im planning to do short videos on tech and blockchain.


Hi all, is anyone still around?


Yeah man …


UK crew still standing


Uk crew lets get a meet up together?