UK Cryptonation


Hi everyone
I’m in Worcestershire.


Hello cryptonation I’m down in Kent. Are u still doing monthly meet ups?


I’m think about buying this for doing tax calculations - has anybody here used it for the UK?

Cheers Mark


OK this looks like Telegraph clickbait

Its a Premium article which means you have to sign up (you can get one Premium article per month on a free subscription)

Seems to be saying you can avoid tax by claiming Cryto gains are gambling - sounds like bs to me…


yoooo, im in london! is anyone interested in meeting up?




gambler from Brum town checking in :wink: Anyone involved in mining in my area please hit me up!


Completely agree. At any point HMRC could turn round and regulate it officially.


Loads of meetup around as well. How many in london are there of us?


Am in Hitchin, north Hertfordshire originally from Edinburgh. :fist:


Based in Bolton near Manchester.

Ist crypto I bought was early Jan and was Z Classic. A friend recommended it as he reckoned it could rise in value with the fork being announced.

Biggest holding by far is VEN which I got around 10 Jan onwards. Praying that one comes good.

Next biggest holding is BTC, and then Qash, and a tiny amount of MCO.

MCO should be rolling out their cards in Singapore soon and could well be the go-to card, ( or could go to nothing of course)

Got into this to raise some capital for an e-commerce business and hopefully find my way out of the 9-5 grind .

Great to be here!


Prndle Lancashire here :v:t4:


I’m London, and a meet up is a great idea. Has anyone got a meet up in motion yet?