UK Cryptonation


Yeah I think it’s expensive too. I only buy there because it’s the biggest uk bitcoin exchange and I know it’s safe but I will defiantly have a look at local bitcoins


You can only get funds into GDAX from coinbase in the UK via a SEPA Euro transfer, cost for me is £8 fee per transfer, so only worth doing if over £250 and you can wait the 2-5 days. I could not get the zero fee thing to work, would not go through, but GDAX has low fees for market buy anyway.


Anyone fancy these dates?


Gotta get out to the UK fo sho! We would have so much fun!


That would be awesome. I will definitely be buying you a few beers, after watching the box mining video it would be a cracking night haha


LOL> Too much. I’m a happy dude. Alcohol I hear, just enhances your already inclined tendencies…


This is what you have to look forward to :joy: This isn’t my local, I seen it on my facebook a few weeks back.


You would definitely have some fun man! If there’s anything that Brits love it’s definitely their Alcohol! lol

I’m thinking about helping setup a London based… May need your input/help. :grin:

Also, had a real long interesting convo with this dude today. :+1:t4::grin::metal:t4::raised_hands:t4:


Hi to all my fellow UK Cryptonation!! I’m from Manchester :smiley:. @peter you definitely need to visit us.


You can still get it into GDAX without doing SEPA. Just buy Bitcoin as normal in Coinbase, could do ETH and LTC I guess but not tried. Then you just transfer the coin over within GDAX and send to Bittrex…Zero fee :grinning:


NINCOMSOUP would be a good venue, they have a bitcoin cash machine there :smiley:

Bringing the Pub to the United Kingdom 24/02/2018 - London Meet Up


Hi, New here… I’m looking to trade in UK. Is coinfloor the best option? which do you guys recommend?


Best option to get BTCs with fiat, or best option to trade between cryptos? The answer will probably be different based on that :slight_smile:


Best option to get BTC with fiat… ££££.


welcome to the pub @KCee. I personally use coinfloor as it is the biggest bitcoin exchange in the UK , I have had no problems buying from there although you will pay more for Bitcoin than the market value but this seems to be the case for most exchanges. if you need any help just let me know. I would advise to store it in a paper wallet or hardware wallet after purchase because of the upcoming fork.

you can introduce yourself here if you have not already done so WELCOME TO THE CRYPTONATION! - Introduce Yourself!

you can also check out the B90X coinbase and coinfloor videos here #b90x - DAY 12 - Coinbase Walkthrough


Thank you Paul. I want to get in quickly because of the fork… :slight_smile: I have just ordered a couple of hardware wallets. I missed the opportunity to get into bitcoins when they started off :frowning: . I used to work in infosec and trades compliance for many years so haven’t been actively trading anything.


If your hardware wallets do not arrive just give me a shout and i will tell you how to set up a paper one for temporary use.

We are only at the tip of the spear with cryptocurrencies, we all wish we got in from the start but it is still early days. I would recommend watching through the B90X program as and when you can, there is tons of valuable information in there


Many thanks! I saw others mentioning they would be interested in a Meetup so count me in too


More info here @KceeBringing the Pub to the United Kingdom 24/02/2018 - London Meet Up