UK Cryptonation


I haven’t had any problems buying from coin floor i think it’s the biggest exchange in the uk. the only thing that I don’t like is that usually to buy bitcoin the price is like £100 dearer than the current price so say bitcoin is £3200 the price you will pay is £3300 but it’s quick and easy to do a bank transfer. I tried to buy it on another exchange using my card and the bank cancelled it. I don’t think the banks like us buying bitcoin but not had any problems with government regulations or anything.


BTC here similarly over priced at AUS$200 extra, similar percentage difference on all coins actually. Thanks for the info.


ahh it must just be common then, I am not sure on coinbase, although I know even charge a higher rate too. Coinfloor have an option to wire transfer and I think it’s £10 fee but it’s minimum £1000 plus you have to wait a couple of days but I am inpatient sometimes so I just go on my online banking and send over the payment and usually have my bitcoins in 10 minutes.


Hello U.K. Pub crawlers! Thanks for joining the Pub. I’ll try to get country specific area on pub soon. We just grown so fast we can not believe it. Hang in there! We are working on a lot of great things!
Crypto Pirate Hondo :skull_and_crossbones:


Has anyone tried the “funding Coinbase and transferring to GDAX to purchase BTC without fees” method?


yeah, i wouldnt have the patience to wait that long either. Ive got the Australian wallet/exchange(coinspot) i use linked to my bank account, transfers take minutes. I also use Bittrex, ive never looked at Coinbase.


Also in the UK. Currently sat in my office on campus in Swansea but live nearer Cardiff and frequently travel to London and elsewhere. Certainly interested in any constructive meetups.


You can bank transfer directly into gdax using the slightly different reference code, normally takes 3 to 4 days.


I did not know you could do that! Thanks Kevin!


Whats up everyone.

Im down in Brighton if anyone wants to meetup. Lets try and arrange something.



London. Hi all…!!


On here from Sunny Glaagow :smiley:


I used to use it but it seems like Coinbase has removed the option to deposit to GBP Wallet.


Hi all I’am from Oxfordshire. I live in Bicester about 1hr away from London and Birmingham. 30 min away from Oxford.
Happy to meet up for coffee and some crypto Talk :wink:


Im in Eastbourne but can get to London, there are a few on meetup for London but would rather have a meetup with Pub members! I’ll keep checking folks, peace.


Hey All,

I was thinking of this very same thing yesterday… How many people from the UK are part of the Crypto Nation?

Good to see there are a few of us!

Would definitley be cool to meet up and share ideas and talk everything Crypto.

Based in London too.

Let’s see what we can do. :sunglasses:



Coinbase only really does Euro though they list Sterling. Its pretty fast but you will lose when your bank transfers a little on the sterling to euro exchange. I tried Gemini sterling to dollar but it took 4 days!


Wow, this is amazing! So many UK Cryptonians! I’m going to throw a few dates out there for a meetup and then we can work out which dates suit most people…

Saturday October 14th / Saturday October 21st


Awesome stuff guys! Glad to see this excitement and goal to gather.


Guys…coinfloor is expensive. Check out the comparison (and my sick ms paint skillz yo). These guys are printing money and accumulating a fuck ton of btc. Get on to localbitcoins. If you’re depositing 1g on coinfloor, you’re paying £8.80 deposit fee, and paying a withdrawal fee if you want to cash in. If you have 300 quids worth of bitcoin (0.1 btc) on your local btc account, you can post a trade which gets you even more, currently at 0.1737 for your 500 quid.