UK Cryptonation


Doesn’t seem like anyone has created a thread for the UK - surely I’m not the only one here? I would love to get a monthly meetup going if anyone else is interested? (Based in London but happy to travel).


You’re not the only one, mate. I’m doing my degrees in Edinburgh. So yeah, nice to meet you!


:+1: for the UK thread! Im currently in Hampshire.


Evening all, i’m down in deepest darkest Kent.


I’m in Norfolk! Nice to meet you all! Would be happy to travel to London too.


Great idea. I’m in Liverpool!


greetings from Swansea



Post must be at least 20 . . .


Norfolk again, I’m @Coinpon’s nephew :slight_smile:


Hello all - I’m Danish but I’ve lived the past 20yrs in Liverpool, Brighton and London. Currently I’m on my own little Brexit mission to the South of France as shit has just been getting a little too ugly this past 1 1/2. I’m often in Ldn however and definitely up for getting a bit nerdy with other cryptonians.


What’s up guys! I straddle Exeter and London! Would be great to meet up with you all!


Lived all over the UK but currently residing in Sheffield :smiley:


Hi all, South Wales here


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Good morning to you all! Shall we get some dates booked in for a meet up? I’m assuming weekends are better for everyone?


Ahoy from Norwich, Back of the net :slight_smile:


From Northern Ireland, been living in Australia for 20 years or so.

@jamesbrooks Exeter eh? I was in training at CTCRM outside Exmouth between 1990-1991, had many a great night out in Exeter. Beautiful countryside, i saw LOTS of it, mostly on foot.

Is there a UK based exchange that you guys use and/or what is your preferred exchange?


Hey what’s up from Twells Kent


coinfloor is uk based but i am not sure what fees are compared to coinbase


so is the UK’s crypto market generally free from government intrusion? ill be temporarily relocating back to Northern Ireland early next year, all being well of course, just trying to get a general feel of the present landscape.