UK alternative to COINBASE


anyone know the best UK alternative please


I would like to know the best way to buy BTC and alt coins in the UK too please.



how about Kraken?


RoFx - service have being on the market for a long time but not many people know it and it is better for current users, because they have much better exchange conditions than on popular platforms.


Also is good option


Coinfloor is a good one if your looking to withdraw money, based in London. :+1:t3:


i use it seems to be okay(fees are a little high tho)


I would like to add one more bit. So as option to „Cash out to dirty Fiat” is You sell high, even on 4:20 if want. Acctualy is really dificult to get some info about cards. Are they gonna back? Master Card, Amex?