Trying to keep track of my portfolio/buys/sells, any tips?


Hey everyone thanks for your replies. Cointracking seems to bit a bit more than I need in features, but also I dont really want to pay as I’m very down on money right now!

Does anyone have any good free alternatives? My main needs are :slight_smile:

  • shows the average cost I paid for a coin when I bought at many different times
  • can be used from anywhere, so preferably email login
  • can be backed up if its phone only



I am using BitUniverse on android atm and I am pretty happy with how it works. And completely free! You will need to match it with the API’s of your exchanges and it updates itself every 5 minutes (I just use it to watch the status of my portfolio, so my API’s are set up for Read only and not trading enabled). You can see several features like total and each coin holdings, value, 24h and lifetime profit, average cost, each transaction with its fees. It has graphics, watchlist… Its enough for me.


yes thanks that would be helpful


PM sent! Let me know if you have any questions; it is very self-intuitive though.


I have been using and it´s really good!! I´m also from the UK.


Hey guys

So if I use Cointracking.inof and use the API feature, which as far as I can tell does include deposits and withdrawals, then if I do it for all exchanges I use, it should calculate everything for me?

Will it continue to keep it updated? It says in the free version you dont get automatic API updates


As far as I can see, is free to use. For Tax you have to pay.

Once connecting the various api’s, it updates periodically or you can ‘refresh’ by hand.

It works…


I also use and it’s the best I have tested. :cupid:


Thanks guys that’s good to know.


How can we be sure it is safe? They say to only give view only when we setup API. Does that mean there is a way to give them fully access to our accounts?