Transfering gas from neo-gui wallet to exchange



So there seems to be a lot of guide on how to move GAS from a NEON wallet to an exchange but I can’t figure out how to move GAS from the ne0-gui wallet to an exchange, the only option it gives me when transferring is NEO not GAS


when you create a transaction you can choose which asset you want to send, you can choose gas there.



well that’s what I thought but It only gives me the option to send NEO, NeoGas doesn’t appear in the list…

I’m on version 2.5.6557.29435 maybe there’s a newer version I can try


Did you open and unlock your wallet file?
Does your gas balance show up when you are on “account”? (like in the background of my screenshot)

same version here


Yes the gas balance shows up in my wallet it just doesn’t give me the option to send anything but Neo,

I’m going to try version 2.6 of the wallet and see if I have any luck with this, I’ll let you know how it goes


that´s really weird. Works fine for me. Curious what the problem is. (just to not miss anything - it is not unclaimed gas right? / you synced the wallet to the latest block?)


ah, it’s not quite fully synched yet maybe that’s why, I’ll leave it overnight to sync and see if this fixes the issue


well it’s now fully synched and as you can see , still no option to send my GAS

any ideas??


that´s really weird. :thinking:

i have never seen that before. Another thing you can try is rebuilding the index.

Wallet->Rebuild index

Hope this helps!


didn’t work :frowning: not sure what else to try…


Are you using .json wallet file or .db3 file?