Trading Ideas, please share your ideas



Many alts in the bottom, i love #LBC trading idea, huge long potencial. What are your fav trading ideas?


For what it’s worth, I’m executing a somewhat simple stupid plan: If you look at the top 25 or so coins by volume and their charts, they all look something like this:



So, I’m collectively watching for the signs of all of them effectively bottoming and beginning to reverse…something like this:


At that point, I think we’re there, I will buy equal dollar amounts across top 30 coins (by volume) with -1% stop losses in place on all and then follow the whole lot up with trailing stop losses that get tighter as each enters into profitable sell zones.

Goal is to exit most positions profitably, but capture and ride the winners that are destined to rise 20% or more.


I should clarify a bit on when I’ll likely pull the trigger…

I’m watching the 20, 50, and 100 EMA across top 25 coins by volume on binance. Presently, the three EMA’s are stacked 100, 50, 20 top to bottom in that order.


The space between them is also diverging presently. What I’m watching for is the 20 EMA to turn and start closing in on the 50 EMA and ditto for the 50 vs. the 100. However, the most important one to me is the 20 EMA leveling and reversing to meet the 50 EMA.

At the point I start seeing this pattern on at least 10 of the coins, I’ll start getting serious about pulling the trigger. In all likelihood, the MACD will also have crossed over and be positive across the majority of the coins, so this is further confirmation that it’s time to make the entries.


Awesome strategy!

What time frames are you using (hourly, 4 hours, daily)?

Are you using TradingView’s alert to let you know when the 20 EMA meets the 50 EMA? Too bad the free account only offers 1 alert. Do you know of any tools that will provide more alerts?


I’m using the 4H timeframe here and it’s likely an 8 hour total lapse between bottoming and recognizing reversal, which makes it a safe/conservative play in my book.

I do use trading view and I upgraded to a paid plan, which is well worth it, IMO. However, that’s not how I’m watching for the bottom/reversal. I have a trading bot I’ve written for this specific strategy.

If you have a smidgeon of programming chops, you can likely get a Google sheet set up to do track top 25, 50, etc. by hitting and sorting on the 24 hour volume. Then add some columns to compute the BTC dispersal amounts so it’s relatively straightforward to log into Binance and buy that much worth of coins in relatively short order.



I don’t have the programming chops to pull from Binance’s API to Google Sheets. If I spent a few more years on programming, maybe. But I’m using Gekko Trading Bot and I probably can set this strategy up if I can spin up enough instances of live Gekkos. Still working on that (I want to set it up using Docker + Google Cloud, but most likely end up setting up on a Linux VPS) so hoping the market continues its slow descending trend while I work on this.


Just to update on this tread…I kicked off this idea last night around 11pm CST

This morning, all green except BNB. Go figure!

So “buy the dip” definitely works! The stop/loss strategy here is to gradually grow tighter with market price as the profit/loss percentages climb. The intent here is to try to stay in most positions until entire market begins retracting again, but exit with around 80% or better of the maximum unrealized profits.

I started with -4% initially on all positions to give a little breathing room in case we really weren’t at the bottom at the time. With nearly everything about 3%, the stop/losses begin adjusting themselves to around 2% away from current market prices. once seeing 15% or better, those S/L prices will adjust to within 1% or 4 times ATR (whichever is smaller).