*TOMORROW* 2/22/18 US Court Date for Bitcoin, San Diego, CA Morgan Rockoons, *THIS IMPACTS US ALL*


This dude really needs some Prayers and Anyone in the area Tomorrow To show up in force to be on the Side of Bitcoin!

Watch the interview Spread the word.

I believe this could set some major LEGAL Precedent in the US.
and Especially for DHS and ICE to get involved in Bitcoin ( Which doesn’t have anything to do with their depts.

Pass it on Pass it on!!!

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February 21, 2018 - ROLL CALL! - Future is Nigh
February 21, 2018 - ROLL CALL! - Future is Nigh

Same here dude

Please reply so this gets more traction even if its a Bump.


Wow…that’s crazy!!! This guy is getting fucked.
Somebody needs to call McAfee and get this guy needs help!!!


When you’re told that the cash you’re going to get for your crypto was made illegally, as this guy was, you have only one option. RUN AWAY! Do not walk. Run.

Oh, and McAfee? He’s only out for himself.


The guy in that interview does claim he was Not told any such thing.

But yeah a “Box of CASH for a btc.” classic Gov. set up?


Well, I hope the guy is able to provide some defense.


Sadly your right image does help to certain degree even here in the uk, my old friends and I used to be a little naughty when we where younger and where always told by lawyers to tidy ourselves up put our hair into a side parting and even on occasions wair glasses even though we had 20/20 vision. :nerd_face::man_in_tuxedo:t3:


This is crazy…


What was the outcome here?



Nothing finalized as I found, or couldn’t.
Links below were newest I could find from 3/19-20th


Lets wait and seee :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: