Tommy Robinson - Hero or Idiot?


A lawyer and jury is absolutely necessary to debate out whether Tommy has really broken the terms from the first conviction. He was sentenced for MORE prison time based on the imaginary '‘breaching the peace’ thought crime with no victim. Logic dictates that he serve the original prison time (3 months) if this is still about his suspended prison time. The extended prison time is an illegal second trial in essence.

Weinstein’s victims are all over US and Europe, there is no point to force a media ban even if he is trialed in the UK. Same logic goes with the international muslim raping gangs: the international press covers it anyway despite the UK media ban. You think the jury wouldn’t be influenced by the Pakistani press? Plus the UK media went full out with the grooming case of a ‘straight white male’ former football coach earlier this year.

The special treatment for muslims is obvious.


You still don’t understand it. If you have a conviction and it is suspended under UK law you don’t get another trial the judge decides and that is it. This is why he is stupid to do what he did when he had a suspended sentence. He wouldn’t even need a lawyer present for this he is already guilty and sentenced. In fact he did have a lawyer there a Barrister!

No he was found to be in contempt of court which is why he got 10 months. Again contempt of court is something that is decided by a judge not a jury and he again had his Barrister present. Breach of the Peace charges may still be pending we don’t know!

No as said above he was in contempt of court the judge can decide this without reference to a trial with a jury. This is UK law and happens frequently only a few weeks ago a witness in a drugs case was jailed for the way he gave evidence in a trial!

You should take a bit more time researching this stuff it is fairly basic.


This is what I emphasised in my first post: the activist judge picks and chooses law to push personal agendas.

If the reason for the arrest (‘breach of peace’) is baseless, how could the judge reach the decision on ‘contempt of court’? Was it based on his behaviour during the second trial with no jury or solely based on the fact that he was arrested under an allege crime with no victim?

Arresting a person outside the court property based on his comment is thought policing. Tommy Robinson is questioning the impartiality of the establishment. The reaction of the establishment proved his suspicion.

Here is a video showing how muslims enjoy their ‘freedom of speech’ (verbally abusing returning veterans) without ‘breach of peace’ concerns. The ‘impartial’ UK Police was even there to ensure the abuse continues:


He’s a f***ing hero. Free Tommy Robinson!


Well thats just a great sentence.


You have zero evidence for a statement like that. The judges involved with both cases are white British and no indication that they are activists!

No he did actually breach the peace and could still face charges for it!

No it was based on the fact that the judge and the court had already made rulings around the reporting of the trial and Tommy broke those rules thus he is in contempt and admitted it! Tommy needs to understand by being stupid he could end up letting the criminals get away with it. There was another trial in Rochdale a few years ago where the defence very nearly had the case dismissed because another “far right” group started spouting stuff in the media.

The Rochdale case is a good example of where the crown prosecution service is locking these people up and will where they can deport them. What is missing in MSM is a broader conversation about how these cases have happened in so many places and what is going to be done to stop them in future!

It will be interesting to see if he appeals the contempt of court verdict.

Yes I agree he is as we all should the problem was with the way in which he did it. He could have put the trial at risk and in the process got himself banged up. Not very smart!

Agree it is disgusting and I am glad that some of the protestors were charged with breach of the peace!!!


The biggest massacres of Europe in the last 100 years were carried out by white males. Assuming white male can’t do harm is racism. The evidence is overwhelming that the far far left ideology has not survived but thrived in the West after WW II. Skin colour has no relevance here.

And what peace has been breached? Who has suffered physically from what Tommy said in the street outside the court? Can that person step up and sue him?

Without a jury or a private plaintiff, the illegal second trial was based on judge’s OPINION, not fact. Tommy repeatedly ask the police outside the court build whether he was breaking the rules, police was ordered to arrest him very later on. You think the police on the ground lied to Tommy?

And no, no islamist was arrested for abusing the returning veterans. They were merely ‘moved’ to another location according to the video. Do you honestly think Tommy (or any family members of the raping victims) could have showed up outside the court building with the placards full of anti-islam words without risking being arrested?

Hurting muslim’s feeling is not a crime.



Again do some more research as you clearly don’t know what Breach of the Peace means in the UK!!

As I said before contempt of court in the UK does not require a trial or jury so it is perfectly legal that the judge did what he did. That doesn’t stop Tommy appealing the sentence but there wasn’t anything illegal about it.

Again you should do some more research. Even in the video clip you posted if you had bothered to read the description by the person who put it on YouTube it says “Last night Bedfordshire police confirmed that two people had been arrested for public order offences.”

Actually that would be an interesting test. I would like to think (and I maybe wrong) that they could have staged an anti-islamic protest by the court. So long as they didn’t reference the trial!!



Yep disgraceful.

I do think the legal system needs an overhaul but that doesn’t mean it gets it wrong every time and in this instance I think Tommy got it wrong and got locked up as a result.


This is the ‘breach of the peace’ definition in the English law. It is not a criminal offence. Police arrested Tommy with the OPINION that he might breach the peace. Then the judge decided to add more prison time merely based on the police OPINON. All that without jury participation that can challenge the opinionated decision of the establishment.

In England and Wales, breach of the peace is a civil proceeding, although the case must be proved to the criminal standard of proof, ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, rather than the civil standard of proof, ‘on the balance of probabilities’. Sometimes the Crown Prosecution Service conduct the case on behalf of the police, but the police service is liable for any costs awarded in favour or against the prosecutor.[7] Breach of the Peace is not an offence, in the sense that it is not punishable either by a fine or imprisonment either at statute or common law and nor do proceedings for breach of the peace give rise to any conviction.[8] In England and Wales, constables (or other persons) are permitted to arrest a person to “prevent a further breach of the peace” which allows for the police or the public to arrest a person before a breach of the peace has occurred. This is permitted when it is reasonable to believe should the person remain, that they would continue with their course of conduct and that a Breach of the Peace would occur.[9]

‘Public order offence’ (a criminal offence) is not the same as the ‘breach of peace’ (a civil offence). You are telling us that no one can arrest those islamists shouting ‘Go to Hell’ at the veterans’ face during their homecoming parade had the islamists not physically conflicted with the rest of the public? This only serves as another proof that the common law is full of loopholes. It is only suitable to rule an Anglican majority population that helped shaping it.

I am not against the Islamists or islamic community primarily. The real criminals are the globalist elites insisting on mixing people with opposite beliefs under an inadequate legal framework, while they can hide behind their public funded personal security protocols. Why do they think they have the right to force the West general public to pay the price (with their lives) again in order to incorporate another far far right religious group into the common law territory?


Enough said…


Interesting how the same judge who let the pedos go free is the same one to lock up Tommy. So fkn corrupt. There is a reason why “England Is My City” is a meme. London is a mess


This is so dumb! Firstly the judge hasn’t let any paedos go free. Secondly Tommy was in contempt of his trial which is why he dealt with it so there is absolutely nothing corrupt about it. The trial is in Hull which is nowhere near London. London is not a mess I live there I should know!


Just another day in england. Sometimes when I walk around london i think to myself ‘’ jesus the place needs be nuked, and built from the ground up again.’’


You should know but there’s heaps you don’t know. You’ve made that clear over the weeks. Your heads in the sand. Acid and knife attack capital of Europe. More stabbings than nyc. Not a mess ha its gone down the drain. The major is a completely corrupt SJW who promotes islam. Even the double deckers have advertisements for Allah because the bikini girls were too offensive.


Tommy Robinson is clearly a political prisoner

The contortions of some posts here to justify this absolute tyranny is just that, contortions

When the boomerang comes back may God help them


Contempt of court works the same way in a lot of places. here’s a (really stupid) example from USA. No jury voting, no trial over it, just a judge handing out sentences.


This is a spicy thread…
Tony Blair and the neo liberal pro european globalist cockwombles are to blame…
I actually dated a pakistani bird and whats being covered up in Huddersfield is fucking shocking…even she was disgusted at how white youth gets treated in the UK…


Im From The Same Town as Tommy Robinson AKA YATSLEY. He is the biggest dumbest guy who spreads filth. Takes a story and tries to blow it out of proportion and blames a religion. Its like me saying all white christians are KkK.
I agree fcuk all peado. Should be given the death penlalty whether ur muslim brown white black old young, no matter race religion ethnicity. But dont give this waste of a human any time of day.