Tommy Robinson - Hero or Idiot?


Probably a bit of both! A useful account for those that have seen or heard something but don’t know what it is all about. I don’t agree with all The Secret Barrister’s personal views but his legal analysis is spot on!


U are the person who was saying u want people in jail for speech, now ur here trolling about it after it happened again in the uk

The only thing royal about that little rainy island full of cucks, is how fucked it is


Imagine a society so cucked it lets its little girls be raped in mass numbers my Islamic invaders then arrests ppl bringing attention to it

This is why cnn coin is up 50 percent today, because in the end these statist Nazis will lose


So you are the user Melania_Trump reincarnated!! I have never said I want people in jail for speech if you think I have provide a link!

The UK isn’t fucked or cucked you have literally no idea what you are talking about. I am a US and British Citizen who has a much firmer grasp on what is happening in both countries that you have. You just spout nonsense with no back up for anything you are saying apart from a few looney YouTubers.


I used to think he was a bell end as well. I have a lot of sympathy for some of his view on Islam.

In this instance he wasn’t helping there are trials on all around the UK. I want all the perverts banged up and fuck in the arse by big chuck. What I don’t want is Tommy jeopardizing the trials which then collapse and these people if found guilty get off free and the victims have to go through the whole thing again at a retrial. Tommy wasn’t exposing anything they are already on trial they hadn’t escaped justice.

I am all for exposing the rapists and peodophiles and once the trials are completed like they are in Rotherham then I want to see us go after all those that were complicit in allowing it to happen including social services, police etc.


As I understand it there are 8 other trials on across the UK for grooming and rape by predominantly Asian (Muslim) gangs of men. Personally I would like to see all those convicted paraded and publically have their balls ripped off by rottweilers. Unfortunately I am not going to get my wish :frowning:


Really simple they don’t want to prejudice the cases. The numbers of people involved are fairly large so getting a jury can be quite tricky and then you have people like Tommy who whilst wanting to draw attention to it ultimately can jeopardise the trials. The media are present in the courtrooms you can go yourself and sit in as a member of the public. But until the verdict is handed down they judges want to protect the integrity of the trials. Similar reporting restrictions have been put in place for terrorism and serious organised crime cases.


Congrats on siding with pedophile rapists, yer a real brave guy


Dude, don’t buy the whole media blackout to be fair in a trial nonsense … that’s the line of statists who want to cover up for a very very corrupted government that is facilitating these Muslim rape gangs





These two comments from the so-called ‘Secret Barrister’ are dead give aways of its perverted world view (Socialism I judge): “Racists-in-arms across the pond” and “Nazi-themed march on Downing Street”.

Tommy Robinson supports all UK socialist economical policies (No British working class is against the biggest socialist failure: the NHS) with the emphasis on the welfare for legal citizens first. He is anti-islam, just like the rest of the Anglican members of the UK society. However does the Anglican church has a skin colour now? And which element of the march on Downing Street is ‘Nazi themed’? For what I’ve read, ‘Secret Barrister’ deserves a media ban itself.

While, as we’ll see below, the reasons for the postponement order appear sound, the consequence of preventing fair and accurate reporting by responsible journalists was that there was no factual counterpoint to the selective and inaccurate details of Yaxley-Lennon’s situation that were inevitably flooded through social media by his knuckle-dragging cheerleaders, not least his racists-in-arms across the pond. Thus sprung a (largely unchallenged and unchallengeable) narrative of Tommy The Brave being arrested outside court for no reason and imprisoned in secret by the deep state, culminating in petitions for his release and a Nazi-themed march on Downing Street.

The total capitulation of the UK establishment (governance, legislative and police) to the globalism is the very reason for the existence of Tommy, UKIP and Brexit.

When the activists become judges, they pick and choose the legal clauses to push their political agenda: Let the Human Right business operated by their college activist buddies bring in hundreds of thousands immigrants per year LEGALLY; Misuse the ‘religious freedom’ clause to the extent that a British born muslim can be more radical than an Egyptian islamist LEGALLY; Allow the islamic parallel society to grow to the extent that Crown Court is one of the options for the Islamic captives on the UK SOIL.

The common law society evolved without the existence of large muslim community. Contrary to the common perception, it is showing many fatal wholes while trying to resolve the appalling third world crimes. Otherwise, how many British Crown Court judges do Pakistan need to fix their rampant cousin-marrying wife-killing sub-100-IQ culture? Locking up a concerned British working class lad based on a technicality is not enough to disguise the total failure of the activist run court as just.

What Tommy and many others do not understand is why the UK establishment is so keen on importing a far far right ideology, Islam, into its backyard, while labelling everyone else far right?

My answer is anyone to the right of a globalist ( the far far left communist or socialist) is a far right.


Completely agree there was nothing remotely Nazi themed about the protest which is why I said I don’t agree with his personal views but his legal analysis is right!

This is true to a point most people in the UK hate to have the NHS criticised and it is far from perfect but I wouldn’t call it a failure. I don’t know who has the best system it certainly isn’t the US maybe Switzerland!

It is not a technicality when he was on a suspended sentence already, warned of repeat actions being in contempt of court, and does it again. That is why he is part idiot he didn’t need to do it, it didn’t help the cause and now he has got himself locked up!


The NHS is brain dead communism: Anyone can walk in for free treatment. Medical tourism is draining it to its last breath. The communal canteen led to 40 million death in China.

Tommy and many other non-muslim working class have their kids’ future on the line. They can not afford a dedicated police unit to guard their office as the PM does. He saw his home town turning into islamic territory during his life time. If there was any other way, he must have tried and failed.

UK is a common law country, jury can overrule judge’s decisions with bigger picture in mind. Hence no trial, no jury no media coverage. Communists = reaching goals by any means necessary.


He went to court and had independent representation and pled guilty to the charge of contempt of court so no further trial is needed.

Jury’s are rarely used in a contempt of court case as it is for a judge to decide the matter plus his plea was guilty!

The media coverage was blocked until the completion of the trial involving the (alleged :roll_eyes:) rapists that were tried in that phase of the proceedings!


Tommy was not allowed to use his own lawyer. This is unbelievable on every level.

Don’t you see the judge is using any means necessary to avoid public scrutiny? Media ban was put on Tommy’s own case, too. Until the PM was ‘disturbed’ by the ‘NAZI’ march.


Again that is a huge misunderstanding of the UK legal system which is not the same as the US. Firstly Tommy had the right to legal representation. Having been through this already and being found guilty with a suspended sentence there was no question he was going to jail. His own lawyer is not a Barrister and not able to represent him in court hence he is able to choose to have legal representation from an independent and experienced Barrister which is what he did. We won’t know all the details until they are released. The media ban was in place until the original court case was completed but the leaks meant it was meaningless hence it is now able to be reported. A number of journalists who saw him get arrested and then go to court have said this is what happened.


Not being able to choose one’s own lawyer is a standard soviet oppression happening in China NOW. There is no reason to sentence Tommy in merely 4 hours, when he is no longer on the street. 4 hours to conviction is a unbelievable performance of the UK establishment considering their tolerance of the muslim raping gangs for 30 years.

The media ban is another standard soviet ‘justice’. There is no jury for Tommy’s case this time, how would the reporting of his arrest influence his court case?

The special treatment for Islam (or racism of low expectation) is so obvious here. Does the alleged rapist, Harvey Weinstein, get a media ban in the UK? Shouldn’t the Crown Court be concerned that the press coverage might alter his jury’s opinion?

Don’t want to be under the media scrutiny? Don’t be a rapist. That’s the assumed deal for any immigrants to the West. Apparently, some brain dead activist judge added a sentence in small print: except for the muslims.


The answer to the post is hero obviously. For the last 10 years he’s been bringing to light the pedo rape gangs that plague England. The police have ignored it and the court systems have let them go free. The goverment has deliberately kept it quiet. Fuck the PC culture across all of the EU. White beta cucks should be ashamed


Hero or Idiot? You answered the question yourself, a bit of both!

He is a hero for taking on the corrupt establishment but not always in the smartest way.

I am not even sure if this latest imprisonment is about the paedophile rape gangs or about him shining a light on the Police covering up a terror attack where a muslim mowed down three boys, and only failed to hit more because one of them was on his windshield causing him to hit a lamppost.

Tommy was just stating to expose the details, and the disgusting way in which these boy’s families have been treated when all of a sudden he gets hauled off the street and thrown in prison for 13 months


Not sure if you are deliberately trying to not understand this case and the British legal system. He had already been convicted and sentenced for his previous offence. He broke the terms of that previous offence and was in contempt of court. No reason to wait whatsoever let him get on with serving his time!

Of course not he is not being tried in the UK!!!

We agree on that!

The legal system in the UK has essentially two different sets of lawyers. A standard solicitor whom people employ for a variety of matters but can only act in the lower courts, in this case I am sure Tommy would have one on speed dial. Any cases dealt with in the higher courts people will have a Barrister represent them. Tommy had a Barrister representing him as required it wouldn’t have been his own lawyer/solicitor as he cannot act in that capacity. Despite all of that Tommy was already guilty of a previous offence so knew with 100% certainty he was going to jail because of the suspended sentence. He also pled guilty to contempt of court!