To Hellcat or not? -Car Topic-


I am debating (after getting tires stock 245s lol) Forced induction or going stroker route. She is still going to be a street car so im not sure… some of these guys are getting decent gas mileage running FI, also are you running spray?


No it’s NA…Whipple has a real nice kit if you want to go FI… where are you located


Northern Indiana, an hour south east of Chicago.


I’ve always been a fan of turbos specially if its a manual its much easier on the clutch and you don’t get that constant annoying “whine” but a much nicer whistle plus a good blow off or waste gate sound

Gas millage however will depend strictly in how you drive no matter what kind of power adder you have. Though i tend to personally feel turbos are more efficient in general

As for spray id stay away on a street car with a good tune and some good boost you will be amazed n if you not just give it a few more lbs… But you can always do an intercooler C02 sprayer as it drastically lowers intake temps and acts similarly to nitrous with out having the risk our the refill costs

I’ve got an 03 SRT-4 i bought new when i was 18 it hooked me on turbos i few little tweeks n add ons n my lil 4 banger was running 400whp 32mpg highway 20mpg in the city as a daily driver much more then id trust any 18yo to drive these days i had a C02 sprayer on my intercooler and i gained around 40-50whp depending on conditions from multiple dynos up n down the east coast and into the Midwest

Got 150k+miles on it now i don’t drive it much anymore but with a good builder and good set up i feel turbos are the safest most reliable way to gain hp with out ruining driveability you can always turn the boost down in town for ease or crank that shit

Mopar to the MOON.

If i hit my goals ill be looking into a Hellcat n doing a turbo swap. Or possibly a Viper with twin turbos :crossed_fingers:


I have a friend here in Cleveland who specializes in the modern Hemi can do any kind of work you need done



Thanks I checked out his site it looks nice. How is the drive ability on the street, with 426 and cam?
Thats really awsome to run 10s N/A!

I just got a quote from Tim Barth Tuning ( Ball Park quote via email ) around 10k to make 570ish whp and around 20k e85/meth-injection to make 700 whp. That doesnt include the transmission if I hooked id probably be spendin some money.

I am probably going to leave it stock this summer so I can enjoy it. The only thing I am going to do this summer is try to get some 305/315 mickey Thompson ET streets for it. There are a few hellcats around with stock all season 275s Id like to teach the value of good tires :slight_smile:


it´s called Trackhawk isn´t it?


Ya´ll know that video?


it is !



and this 1986 one.
Vorsprung durch Technik!


It runs good on the street. We changed the motor at 5000 miles and it is around 65000 miles . It has never been towed to a track I just load up the tires ,tools etc and change the tires and tune at the track and run and it’s been on a lot of out of state road trips. We did a Aluminum block 426 but the first Aluminum block Mopar produced were shit and that was replaced. Finally just did a Iron block 426.



Just emailed them what do you think about some MMX drop in pistons and a 2.9 whipple(or 200shot)? honestly Im kind of thinking of doing your build seems like every ones boosted would be fun to do 10 sec NA!


I really wanted one of those darts back when they came out, made good power.