To Hellcat or not? -Car Topic-


HI all,

Lately I have been thinking of buying a Dodge charger Hellcat / SRT-392 / R/T Scat pack or Maybe just an 5.7 RT!

We have an '05 Suburban for hauling kids and an old dodge ram for hauling crap around, we are just looking for a car that we get to have fun in while the kiddos are in school and we get some mommy daddy time which is uber rare hahah.

I have been watching youtube vids on the above mentioned cars and am probably just going to get a R/T or scat pack, mostly because even tho I can afford any of them I feel I would be wasting money I could be spending on crypto if I got a hellcat.

Obviously I am not a crypto millionaire or id just buy a moon lambo :slight_smile:


Hellcat Scat pack is awesome bang for buck.
As long as you enjoy massive body roll and the cars desire to get out from underneath you.

Having driven this car multiple times, it certainly has the torque appeal (which is my main love of cars).

You’ll love it. It’s a fatty. But it does the job just fine.


I’m not going to hit the track or anything mostly just want to hit the gas now and again for shits and grins haha!

I’d get a Zl1/Z28 cammaro, but I got two lil’ doges not in school so I have to have car seat room :doge:


I owned a challenge r hell cat … For a big car it handles well and that 707 can be planted … So much fun! Can toy tell me a better form of muscle fun for 40-50k


Why not go for the Dodge Demon?


A cherokee with the Hellcat engine and AWD. :smiling_imp:


I found a used 2018 r/t scat pack with 600 miles and one owner 35k… why would someone trade it in @ 600 miles lol should I be skeptical?


2018 and only 600 miles for 35k sounds like a steal… i wouldnt be too concerned your still under factory warranty. buy it on the cheap have some fun if it breaks let the dealership fix it…

Keep or for a year or 2 and sell it at 30k miles or around there so the next buyer can have some confidence in the fact of it still being under factory warranty as well. Plus the value will drop quite a bit once the warrant is up

Beside that in 2 years youll have had your fun and something newer and more interesting will be out by then as well


I have been into the Modern Hemi since 2006 great cars


90K for that Jeep Cherokee or 9 BTC


I ended up going with this 2015 scat pack. Kind of interesting whoever had it before me switched the hood out and put the srt392/hellcat hood. They aslo put flowmaster exhaust and a cold air intake, the car only has 2800 miles :slight_smile: also it has the red suede and black leather interior which I think is cool.



I dont know but your right that blue challenger is bad ass


@peter did you have any problems with the r8 gettin out from under you?


That’s a great price for what you got. Always buy used!


He also lowered it s bit with new springs, I just got off the phone with him the dealership gave him my number. also the hood is an official Mopar hood, not that I really care haha.


No. Quattro. All wheel drive. Gotta love the mag ride too!


That’s whats up.
Wish I had a chauffeur cuz that ‘18 A8 back seat looks :100: But it’s all good, by the time our little doges drivin’ we’ll be flyin’


Peter, I gotta know: Besides the electric sheep, would you ever go tesla, or something with serious ft/lb? Or are you strictly combustion?

And what’s the best dish you cook?


It’s a bored and stroked 6.1 with a pretty big cam.


IMO the ScatPak is the best bang for the buck.