Tis but a sniff -- da funniest shit ever rofl



yesterdays livestream at the end…


lol… crax me up overtime i think about it rofl

:joy: :rofl: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:


Yes… @Hafid - so much lol. Tis but a sniff!


@Wichal_Rangai @peter I couldn’t stop Laughing I started to cry and my gut was in pain cuz I was Laughing so hard!!! Dude, I watch alot of Korean movies and shows before and the humor is typically unique! I always love korean humor. But the fact that he actually sniff the Roo balls was a classic moment in time I will always cherish!


lols funny
i didn’t had the gut pain lol
but my eyes did got teary lols and now again lols :joy: :rofl: :skull:

I thought that the next person who wants to create an anonymous login best use “tisbutasniff” :joy:

#tisbutasniff #publife (like “thuglife” ^_^) #cn #cryptonation