Thoughts on Zclassic / Bitcoin Private Fork



@peter do you think it’s dangerous to jump on to this one for the fork?


I never just “jump in” for a fork or airdrop. Not worth my time in most cases (except for bcash). :slight_smile:

Your call my man.


I think Roger Ver just rolled in his sleep


I agree was going through some fomo. Thanks Peter


It’s currently at it’s ATH in terms of sats. I just sold a bunch from .004 as I’d expect a lot to be doing right now since the fork isn’t for a couple more weeks. I’d wait it out and see if it comes a bit more.


This is looking good!


Any advice on ZCL? Do you put in wallet for fork ? Note cryptopia is not supporting fork

or look to sell at a peak then convert that to ICX?

Advice guys? Will ask Missus to make Moon Cake!!! Little guy on rocket with crazy hair like Peter!!



It all depends when you got in, why you got in at all and what you’re looking to get out of it. You’re the only person who knows the answers to those questions and should’ve had a plan before even getting involved.

As far as the fork info, you should head over to the subreddit here:


Bitcoin private now has a countdown on their website to the snapshot!


BTCP will be listed on HitBTC.
Now word on supporting the fork though…

Bittrex still has not put out a message as to if they are going to support the fork.

Given that ZCL is #1 in trading volume over there right now, I think it would be a good idea for them to do so…

Anyways, with only 1 day 10 hrs left until the fork, I am going the safe route and have transferred my ZCL to the Zclassic Electrum wallet.


I’ve got mine in the Electrum wallet too. Man this price action is kinda opposite what I was expecting!


They dump ZCL two days before the fork that’s crazy but maybe it’s a good time too buy now if you miss it


It makes zero sense to me…


I wish I found this thread in december. lol


The dump or too invest now ?
Some people maybe want some BTCP idk but i’m sure 0,006 is a good entry point even for a swing


I feel like I should get a couple just for the bitcoin private.


I got my ZCL into an electrium wallet. Just got it out of cryptopia … took 7 hours to process and did hear of others having their coins stuck in transition for ages.

If you have your coins in Cryptopia, would get them out as they are NOT supporting the fork.

Good luck guys. Remember that you are not investing in ZCL as I expect it to be dropped like a hot cake but you are investing in BTCP. Now will the future for BTCP be bright? I don’t think it will be bad - it fixes a number of issues with BTC however the long term view I have on this coin is not fantastic so I am looking to make a bit of profit and pile it straight into ICX in some days time.



Yeah I’m staying away from this. I have some BTC already, so I’ll get Bitcoin Private in the fork regardless.


true if you hold your private keys.


Bittrex support the fork