Thoughts on Zclassic / Bitcoin Private Fork



Because there’s going to be a MASSIVE dump the second the snapshot is taken and we don’t know the worth of btcp. I’d rather sell off the $7k I bought in with so then everything after that is “house” money.


My analysis has ZCL $1,000+ pre fork and I believe inside 6 months so will btcp. But my advice just to be safe because of the unknowns is to sell your original investment in USD off that way you don’t lose money and you don’t lose out on potentially massive gains either.


Theres no point in pulling my investment amount out.

Zcl and BTCP would have to drop below 15 usd combined for me to lose.

Very hard to see that happen.

I feel ill take 80% of my zcl out if its 1000+


I would love to know @peter opinion on the potential price of BTCP


Also @peter opinion about Zclassic price :slightly_smiling_face:


Guys what do u think about this TA? Do u think it will go down to 120$?


just go half and half man.

if you really have made sick gains on ZCL, or sick gains come before the fork then pull half of it out - keep those profits and keep half in to see how it plays out.


What point in time are referring to?
Is the USD price really important?

Adam Meister is talking alot about the ZCL->BTCP fork
See what he has to say and try to build your own opinion


You could lose it all that easily…
I would take at least 50-60 percent out while the prices are high.


“We had a constructive meeting tonight with the #BitcoinPrivate Development team. We are so close to announcing a fork date, we can almost taste it. Only two issues left to solve! Stay tuned for the fork date announcement because it is coming soon…


Estimation is somewhere around the 15th/16th for announcing the fork so they can hit the deadline of the 31st after giving everyone two weeks to prepare.


Seems like the way to go :hulksmash:


Is there any news on that guys? Has the date been announced? I’m thinking about buying zClassic at least one to get Bitcoind private


Monitor Rhett Creighton´s twitter and you´ll be one of the first to know.


I’ve been trying to follow the updates on this as well. I haven’t seen anything official yet.


Because there isn’t anything to see. If they tend to stay on track, the announcement will be sometime today and the 17th.


Roadmap updated



I might have to buy one…


I got 1 zlc will see what happens


Stream starting soon.