Thoughts on Zclassic / Bitcoin Private Fork



you should move them to your own wallet before Jan 10th

i am eagerly waiting for bittrex to complete their ZCL maintenance, because I got some stuck there :angry:


What’s January 10th?


sorry, I meant End of January.
Mixed up with BRhodium airdrop


Monday is the launch of the wallet, they confirmed again this morning. Fork is projected mid to end of January.


$188 oopsie :explopants:


This link is for whomever is interested in yet ANOTHER UPCOMING FORK: BitCoin Rhodium


It will be Bitcoin fork.
Not Bcash!
So if you have Bcash already, sell them to get more Bprivate(You should already have Bcash if you had some bitcoins before the Bcash fork).


I removed my earlier post and was in process of moving to more recent thread.
Seems to be some conflicting info out there.

Started mining zclassic when it started going crazy.



I have the zlcassic wallet but have been moving to bittrex.
Do you think its safer bet to move to zclassic wallet?


Do you need to have minimum 1 BTC to get bitcoin private what happens if you’ve got near 0.5?


You will get 0.5 private.


@goodoldfiat, is there anyway I can transfer funds to coinbase fast. Credit card allows only 100 buds per week. I couldn’t transfer funds to coinbase via Xfers as they have stop all TOP ups.


Where in the world are you?


I am in the small red dot: Singapore :singapore:


Otherwise you are dependant on Bittrex´s support of the possible Bitcoin Private fork.
Having direct control over your private keys is always better than having your coins on an exchange!


I’ve got some Zclassic. Anyone know what is the best wallet to guarantee getting the BTCP when it forks?

Update: Just saw my answer on another post…possibly tomorrow, 1/8, when the new ZCL wallet is released.


This may be why the price for zclassic hasn’t skyrocketed (well, it has).


It will move once the fork date is announced. The wallet wasn’t important enough news to jump on, it was just a show of faith that they can hit a deadline which will strengthen the buy process when the fork date is finalized. The closed registrations won’t help at all but I’m not too worried. I assume another exchange will be added shortly after fork announcement. It only benefits the team to get it on another exchange.


From Rhett’s recent interview over at the Factom office, he will officially announce the fork and allow for 2 weeks for people to get their wallets in order before the snapshot is taken. Zclassic definilty has a ways to go in run-up, though I’m not sure that it will be a added to any other exchanges. Get in while the getting is cheap, if that’s what you want to do.