Thoughts on Zclassic / Bitcoin Private Fork



Bitcoin Private just tweeted this an hour ago:

There will be a major announcement made at this Sunday’s first ever official Bitcoin Private conference. In case you cannot attend in person, the event will also be live-streamed. You do not want to miss this piece of Bitcoin Private history!


This just in:



the gif responses on the twitter post are hilarious :rofl:


I liked this one!

— Mexico James (@DirtyNeedlez) January 28, 2018


it has a sequel :rofl:


but all giggles aside, this tickles my senses… would be so cool


Haha these gifs are great!



And there you have it.


Roadmap updated with Fork Date!

I’m guessing the Fork Date should read 3-3-2018

UPDATE: The fork date is in the DD.MM.YYYY format, so March 2, 2018.


LOL what a joke i hope i miss something here and they get listed


I dont understand… whats the joke ???


They post on their twitter they would get listed on binance but you can’t do it or you get disqualify


Yes binance and other exchanges all do this. The team is not allowed to say if they will be listed or are going to be listed so binance has given them the ability to announce that there application is in progress.



Zclassic wont be worth much or even looked at once btcp is out in my opinion. I dont see why people would choose it over other private coins as it wont be under development after a couple months after the fork as stated by the developers if im not mistaken


What’s your opinion on Zcash vs bitcoin private? Terms of future value?


Yeah zclassic has pretty much zero chance to survive after the fork.


I’m mining ZClassic now with the expectation that its essentially BTCP and ZCL will fall dramatically.


My theory is similar. I like the idea… however… I’m not sure it’ll survive the winter…