Thoughts on Zclassic / Bitcoin Private Fork



Yeah, I’ve been mining since $4 and buying since $50. I’ve got a solid game plan in place. I just hope they deliver this month as expected.


Guys do u think it’s still good to buy Zclassic now at (180$ 11:30pm, 192$ 11:34pm, 181$ 11:40pm)???


Well I think I should wait more, the RSI indeicator shows that it’s gonna be overbought soon… what do u think guys?


Hopefully @peter will cover Zclassic during his live stream tonight (price predictions, wheter or not to buy it now…). Also, I wanna say that it’s good to keep ur Zclassic on an exchange bcz once the fork happens, people will sell their Zclassic which will cause the price to drop dramatically so u really need to sell them as early as possible. It’s too risky to store ur Zclassic in the wallet, bcz it’s very likely that u won’t be able to transfer ur Zclassic to an online exchange since the wallet might be in maintanance (means no withdraw no deposit), and this happens everytime there is a fork… PAY ATTENTION guys!!!


Wouldn’t touch it at these levels.


I hate FOMO, but according to some predictions the price may go up to 400-500$ (some of them said 1000$), we still have maybe 2 weeks bfr the fork, and that’s enough for the price to go that high


I can see that the price can go that much higher because of the limited amount of coins.
It is 1 million coins.
Maybe it can go higher… If you like high risk and afford to lose it when it tanks, go for it.


It’s 3 million coins and with a fork of this magnitude there’s almost no chance of losing money if you sell pre fork at the peak.


You won’t know the prefork date. It may happen suddenly and dump


We 100% will know the fork date. It’s already been stated by the lead developer that the date will be announced two weeks prior so that everyone has enough time to get wallets and situated. You should probably do a little more research…


Now if you would have given @goodoldfiat and everybody else a link to Rhett’s tweet
and dropped the last sentence, this could have been a more useful comment.


Still no date set.
He says he will announce it after the wallet is built.


Na…I like mine better.


The wallet is done and was released Monday like they said it would be. Today he said he wanted to build another one, a more robust version of it prior to the fork.


Why would you sell before the fork? BTCP looks very promising


He’s talking about selling Zclassic and not BTCP


But if you sell before the fork you don’t get the BTCP


How much of a BTC is BTCP going to be worth? Does anybody know?


Well i have been considering selling my zclassic before the fork as its more money than ive ever had in my life time with the amount i have.

I have a very tough decision coming prior to the fork

I wish i did know how much btcp would be worth.

I will most likely hold zclassic if it stays under 300 usd as i do believe btcp will be worth at least 300


I see now, yeah if you sell bfr the fork u won’t get the BTCP. The best thing to do is to sell just right after the fork happens, then u will get ur BTCP and sell ur Zclassic at the top :wink: