Thoughts on iExec $RLC


Hey everyone!

Just wondering if anyone else has invested in RLC and if so why!

Thanks for your time in advanced pubbers :blush:


I bought a very small amount of RLC some end of last year.
Reason: I learned how easy it is to deploy an iExec app on the Ropsten testnet


DCA RLC weekly for me.


Multiple sources confirming:
-potential neo partnership
-solid team foundation
-company been around since early 2000
-limited coin supply
-they are way ahead of competition (golem)
-VERY undervalued

I think its safe to say they are not going away anytime soon ā€¦ are yall thinking what im thinking B1ā€™s


Iā€™m risking it. I also tend to pick coins that focus more on building and executing rather than how flashy their marketing is.