Thoughts on 0x?




I was just doing some research and I think 0x could very well do bigly in 2018. Lots of companies are building on top of their platform and many relayers are coming on board to increase the decentralized exchanges volume. Right now they are relatively small in terms of volume, but I can see once more and more volume comes in the more valuable this coin gets. It only supports ERC20 tokens as of now. Ethfinex is intergrating with them as a relayer too.

Let me know your thoughts of why you are getting into this project or why you aren’t.


i am bullish on decentralized exchanges this year.

a similar token/name in the space is AST and someone mentioned loopring to fit in that family of DEX’s.

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just smashed a lot into it hahaha :see_no_evil:


sounds like you didnt need me to convince you :wink: gluck with your investment!


well done sir, lmfao,:sunglasses: i will keep my ears open for coins info… cheap… can you recommend afew ?