This is why Litecoin (LTC) has no future


I enjoyed your video, @Superlucy !! Great event !!
I won’t forget the phrase “all the evil plans” by Charlie Lee !!
I feel more and more about to buy me some LTC :yellow_heart:


@Glenn_CostaRicaJapan love your response, I think I will invest some in lite coin again and now is a good time to. Its all about diversification. I say have both.


Yes :orange_heart: @waqhon !! Let’s do it !! CryptoPsychology tells me LTC is just beginning !! I see so much intensity of emotions in people in reference to LTC. I do not listen to words. Words tend to mislead sometime. Like when your ex-girlfriend tells you she hates you with all her heart. In some cases, this means “I miss you”… I feel this tremendous “I MISS YOU” effect all over when I see people talking about LTC, even though many people are saying very negative things !! Man, I am very limited financially now. I have to look after my Dad who is 82 and have many obligations. But, I have made my mind !! I will start Dollar-cost averaging on Litecoin !! I will start this week !! :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


I just read that someone purchased over a billion dollars worth of Litecoin. Something like 15% of the total possible supply. If that’s the case then how is the price not through the roof? Surely you can’t buy that amount OTC. There’s got to be some upward momentum from an insane purchase like that. Something doesn’t add up.


@Cozy These cases are understandable for me. I mean the cases of people who cannot see value or meaning in one certain Cryptocurrency. Perception and emotions are not the product of logic or formal reasoning. It’s a shame, though. I have never had Litecoin. But seeing how powerful the Bond (attachment) is and how intense feelings are, in reference to LTC, for me, is a great indicator !! Recently I’ve even found a lot of LTC dumpers (the ones who accompanied Charlie Lee when he sold out) that are re-buying !! This is how attachment works in Crypto. Crypto is not like your old car. You sold it. You never see it again. Nop !! There can be second and third chapters !! I believe Charlie Lee might be aware of this :muscle::muscle::orange_heart: And maybe —even unconsciously— he is relying on this effect in order to develop Litecoin during the periods in between :thinking: BTW, my plan is to get on board this weekend :orange_heart:


If both are meant to be used as currencies and the majority of folk believe btc to be a store of value, who would want to spend it on the regular? But individuals would spend ltc. Tryna think outside the box.


I have been following LTC all these days. Not price. Price does not say much about an asset. I’ve been following Volume. Comparatively very good :muscle::yellow_heart: I am about ready to get on board. Price is good now as to buy. I can’t buy much. Just a little bit. But this forum has represented a great stimulus for me (paradoxically if one sees the title and some comments). CryptoPsychology tells me LTC Chapter 2, 3, 4 and more… are POSSIBLE !! I will bet on it :facepunch::muscle: I will bet of LTC Chapter 2 :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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@Glenn_CostaRicaJapan Why not DGD then? I mean at a ATH its value was $553/coin. If we apply your logic and invest 100 as of today, and lets assume with a 1 trillion market cap it goes back to it’s ATH , then you just made a little over 4k :slight_smile:

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Hi, @waqhon !! Well, I’ve always had trouble to feel attracted to DigixDAO. I know about the project and all the Gold idea. Kind of interesting !! But, I am not really sure… On the other hand, my “logic” —as you have kindly called it— has been more on what I call “CryptoPsychology” (a word a made capriciously). I am a Professor of Neuroscience, Statistics and Psychology. And one of my dreams is to develop some bases for a future Psychology of Crypto. So I pay a lot of attention to psychological details. For example the kind of emotional attachment that one can read (between the lines) in people who talk, people who trade and people who analyze LTC. One hears a lot of bearish opinions since Charles Lee sold (or more or less since that period, I believe). Explicit opinions sound bad. But, if one sees the implicit attitudes of people —including apparent evidence of emotions—, in my very personal and totally biased opinion, a lot of people seem to experience strong attachment to LTC and keep “hot” internal feeling about it. So, no matter if LTC goes down to even $5, this subtle pseudo-evidence of emotional attachment that I think I am seeing, makes me want to invest in LTC !! I feel this years LTC’s been having some kind of emotional capitulation. And it may continue taking place for a long period of time. But, my whole point it that LTC is like an unresolved love for so many people. Like fire that was never properly extinguished. Emotional capitulation might even complete. But, under the ashes, there are tiny particles of true fire. For me, Volume is at least an indirect indicator of this. LTC’s volume is impressive even in these super bad days !! I keep an eye on this !! CryptoPsychology tells me LTC might see great days in the future. For this reason, I am 100% positive in my intention to invest !! This would be my “logic”. But I believe it does not apply to the case of DGD. DGD and GDX look so different for me. They could be a nice option, possibly. But I have not studied them… I appreciate the suggestion, though :muscle:


@Glenn_CostaRicaJapan Thats a valid statement. I am a firm believer in expanding and diversifying one’s portfolio. We all have our favorites and then our least favorites. This is why, as we speak I am invested in 43 different projects as of now. Some i am heavily interested, the others enough to make me happy if they hit. There is another great project, which i think will do great in future, I love the idea, It incorporates neuroscience and AI it is called (Skychain global) you should look into this project and a very good time to enter since it is almost 85% down from its ICO price.


@waqhon “Skychain global” That sounds interesting !! I have heard the name of the project. But I do not have any details at all yet. But I promise to study the project !! It of course intrigues me a lot to see how they are using Neuroscience :orange_heart:


Yes the concept is amazing, they can detect chronic and other diseases before they occur through AI


There is another hidden gem, and nobody talks about it. The project is called AION. During its ATH it was around $11 right now its just 11cents. So a 100 invested in it today,a nd if it goes back to ATH thats 10k. It has a solid use case, It addresses scalability and interoperability.


I was forgetting to share it here :blush::smile::smile:
Just as I had been announcing…, last week I finally entered LTC :muscle::orange_heart:
LTC :orange_heart: LTC :orange_heart: LTC :orange_heart:
Honestly I am excited !!
I cannot buy a lot.
But, thanks to the wonderful December 2018,
I have been able to buy 10 LTC coins !!
I know for many people, it’s nothing. But I am super excited.
Last year, in December 2017, it would have been impossible for me !!
I love this year !! 2018 is great :muscle::rocket:


More food for thought…


I had not come to the pub for several months !! Last year, when everybody was convinced that LTC was over, some of us were very excited here buying !! I wanted to pass by here and share that I have NOT sold even 1 of the LTC I bought last year at that super bargain price !! Now, I am only enjoying this crazy show BTC has brought for us. I am prepared for everything too, ofc, from now on !! Since my last words here last year, I have been following a dream with my friends. We have been trying to create an alternative crypto news service. It was been very hard. But, we are convinced that new and different ways to tell the stories are possible and valuable !! So, we are trying. I have been learning more and more about writing. I have written a few dozen articles already. BTW, the official journal of Ethereum Classic took one of my articles and published in February !! I am still super happy about it. We are still in testing phase and so am I. Not yet launched, but we keep a blog with original news (Global Crypto News .io)… I felt great about seeing my articles in ETC journal !!.. Man, I have also been following Peter and Yen. This is so amazing !! Guys, you are really awesome !! You are heading to the major leagues. Honestly I have learnt so much from you and the hundreds of videos you release in Decentralized TV !! Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for being amazing !!! Glenn