TheBitcoinPub/YEN MEET-UP with PETER & JOHN - Oct 6th 2018 - Atlanta!



a lot of people are hanging out sunday

I’m staying there until wednesday :slight_smile:


seems like people are finalizing travel for the meet-up guys. :slight_smile: let’s do this up BIGLY!!!


I know I was trying to book my room till Monday but it wouldn’t let me.
So deciding what to. But I will be in on Friday afternoon!


Maybe you wanna inquire and possibly crash in one of the puber’s hotel room (those who are staying longer) for Sunday night doesn’t hurt to ask



The countdown is on!!! Three weeks!!!


I can send them an email today and see what they say.


I’ve sent an email to them. I’ll let you know


Thats awsome of you @Isukanda001, and thank you @Keys.
Can’t wait to meet all of you pubsters!
See yall in 3 weeks !!!


Excited to see y’all in less than 3 weeks! Final call, if you’re coming, please fill out headcount form by no later than tomorrow/Tuesday 10pm ET.


Please contact Katara Phelps at 678.608.3188 to assist you in making your reservation since you have days outside the room block. She will help you directly.


Awsome will do, thank you!


Yes I am going! Gotta show my face to the pub!


Yoyoyoooooooo! Just 2 and a half weeks away!

For Friday evening, I am thinking to go to Sweetwater Brewery for a drink or two.

Then, I am thinking to visit Opera Nightclub, Havana Club, Tongue and Groove, and/or Gold Room. Cover isn’t more than $20 unless there is some special guest.

I am probably going to bus it up from Florida on Friday then just be chilling until Saturday for Korean BBQ. I am interested in visiting The World of Coca-Cola ($20) on Saturday before BBQ. Join me if you are interested. I might be able to borrow my sisters car, be riding with bro in ATL, or just MARTA and Uber. If you’re interested in going together, I am open to carpool. There is also a city tour of ATL for $30 by electric car.

Today is the last day to RSVP before 10pm! If any of y’all know any ATL rappers, try to invite them!

Sunday definitely Caffeine and Octane.

I’m looking forward to it :smiley:


bro, we got Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib game too. #UFC


Our hotel shuttle can drop you off at a close Marta station to get downtown.


Thanks for the info, y’all! If we have enough of us at the hotel, we could all wear crypto shirts and do a flash mob slumber party in the lobby! Would it be us sleeping on the crypto, the crypto sleeping on us, or maybe the other guests would realize… they are sleeping on crypto!? lol jk jk

I am down to rendezvous at the tele on Friday evening with whoever wants to meet up and we could roam from there. Whichever places we don’t go on Friday night, I might consider going out again on Saturday night with proper planning to wake up early enough to make it to Caffeine and Octane the next day.

I am contemplating bringing an antique to the car event. Should I? Is anybody else bringing their car to the event? It’s cheaper for me to take the bus up there, and I really wanted this antique to be faster than Lambo by now, but its not because I didn’t execute in time. A life of discipline is more enjoyable than a life of regret.


Is this event open to anyone and are there spots left? Thanks.


It’s closed now. However, to take full effect and value of our meetups, it’s generally good to be around for a while… so people know who you are…

We’re a close-knit family here. Welcome to the show!


Hi all! I’m still looking for logging that isn’t too expensive for ATL. Anyone mind sharing a hotel room with me? DM in the pub! Please no crazy people lol (unless you crazy for this CRYPTO!)


Hi Su… sorry for this late notice… I had a lot going on and was not sure if I was going to make it to the meet up… Peter asked me to double check with you if it is still ok to come. I filled out the questioner form as well. I am sorry again and please let me know…thank you.