#TheBitcoinLambo is Here! - Start your Bitcoin Engines! The Bitcoin Lamborghini




Just revving. Pretty much the whole time.
“Do it again!”


Those sunglasses though


Thinking of Bitcoin Mustang… No no no I should HODL.
Thinking of Bitcoin Porsche …No no no I better HODL :slight_smile:


Hehe… I plan on HODLing out for a Bitcoin Bimmer, myself. :grin: There is an M5 somewhere in my near future.


It is to be able to have a strong hand when you know you can afford one :slight_smile:


Absolutely. That BMW isn’t the end goal. No sense getting a $120K+ car and walking away. There’s insurance and all the other stuff to deal with. Not to mention that I don’t want to be like one of those guys who rock a Lexus, Benz, or BMW and have the net worth (minus the car) of a burger flipper. lol. But, say for instance, I can HODL and execute the odd trade here and there and work myself up to around $300K, I think the car might be doable.

Might be pipe dreams, but hey, gotta have goals right?


I saw this and thought of the little doge lol…



I’m getting the G650ER.


Coulda got that Lambo for $30 instead of $115 now :smiley: lol


…or buy 3 lambos tomorrow!


Has a link in the article about the bitcoin lambo!


^^^^^ lol.


If BCH inches in on BTC, it’s going to be very problematic for BTC


I don’t think so. But what do I know. Time will tell! :rocket:


I think in the past it was very clear that BTC is king. The fact that BCH moved into coinbase + Ver spitting bs on CNBC/other media outlets, is making for a compelling move for BCH to move into BTC territory. Currently the ratio is 1:4 and that could change fast.

I hold a lot of BTC and plan on holding through this drama.


just an idea…

for this car, could be cool and with a nice bitcoin decoration, and apparently you have chinese friends maybe you should ask them to create center wheel caps. Because the big sticker on the frunk is not a nice stuff. isn’t it?


chinese friends? actually i don’t have a lot of chinese friends.

oh f*ck. you’re right. i do. i have a chinese friend who can do exactly what you say… i guess the stereotype works… :doge:


you said it in a video where he sent you coins in little plastic bags. maybe a good opportunity for them to create a new product to sell.