#TheBitcoinLambo is Here! - Start your Bitcoin Engines! The Bitcoin Lamborghini



Well done ! Be safe on the road.


Rock on @peter a great way to show that anything is possible if you allow yourself to dream it, plan it and most of all DO IT! Congrats Bro! :rocket: :rocket:


I’m happy for you! Congrats! Be safe on the road with that thing tho! :wink:


I see two of these everyday when going to work. You can’t really appreciate how beautiful these cars are without seeing them in person first.


This was exactly what went through my mind when I was watching him test drive.
Peter - please take care while driving that monster.


woooooo! congrats! someday I will own one too.


yooooooooooooo peter you legend!!! wwwhhhhhhhaaaaaat!!! what an achievement man!! congrats @peter


popo lambo yo…


I need to go to sleep.
I will be driving the lambo in my dreams :smiley:


congratulations! from now on its NOW LAMBO!!


That Lambo!!! congrats bro!


So many comments on the Youtube video. How cool is that? Congrats on your new ride!!!


I’m so proud & excited for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS :tada:


You’re the coolest wife, EVER!


Incredible!!! This is so full of win it hurts my eyes. Congratulations!


Tell me youre planning on writing this off in april!! Awesome


Next goal? :wink:



i was thinking…


DOGE*LORD (your new license plate)


Because you´re worth it! :sunglasses:
Well done Peter! What a beautiful spaceship! You´re a true inspiration! To the mooooon and beyond!