The Purpose of the Pub - The Theory and Praxis



Here’s some :heart: 4U (and everyone else check it out at time stamp 51 Minutes) Going back through some videos I may have missed while I was away. :cowboy_hat_face: Everyone else should check out time stamp 30 Minutes in for it explained a lot of my personal motivations in Crypto - Well said Peter! :+1:

It’s the reason I spend basically every available hour grinding out the crypto-life which is not spent (yet) in lambos & luxury :lambo: :palm_tree: (not that there is anything wrong with that) :slight_smile: … but up at 5AM working an 8 hour day, to return home :house: and grind from 6PM to 1AM the next morning studying, researching, watching, moderating and calculating Crypto & the block-chain. fo’ Free!

:thinking: Because I know exactly what you @peter are talking about 30 mins. :alarm_clock: in on this video about … :hammer_and_wrench: So people - Do the hard work now!! I :plate_with_cutlery: :bed: and :thought_balloon: Crypto 24/7 … I do most of my crypto-evangelism locally, but I am happy to spread the gospel of Bitcoin :seedling: far and wide :earth_africa: PEACE! :peace_symbol:



@JasonMasterNET (and others like you)

I must echo @Siggy 's sentiment. Those members of this Pub that deliver rational analysis and speak against the presentation of non-rational approaches, deliveries, and thinking…are necessary.


The most perfect way to deliver? Simple: “Here’s my view…”

We all know there’s a vast majority of contributors here that are emotionally driven, not just in what they say, but in the way they invest and divest. All herds must have cows, so, while your voice may not help them, it does get noticed by those whom are more interested in the technical nature of your dialogue.

The same goes to @mwlang and several others whom I can’t recall right now. I’ve not even finished my first cup of coffee.

Speaking strictly for myself - I just don’t want to spend the time going elsewhere and wading through what is essentially larger mountains of bullshit. It’s tantamount to finding a ‘hay’ in a needle stack.


Here is my understanding:

The early pub members represent a tiny percentage of the society. Many of them understand technology or are technical. Tech people tend to believe and observe theorems, facts and rules.

The BTC hype in December, 2018 brought many more into the pub, which actually forms a fuller picture of the physical society. The sins and virtues are inevitably mapped back to this virtual world. That can be a valuable new data input if your experiment has been expecting them.

After witnessing many scams ‘hyped and bursted’ or ‘bursted but yet still there’, I ask myself whether the cryptocurrencies is (1) reforming the society for better or (2) vice versa. I tend to believe that Bitcoin (category 1) is a positive innovation for the general good of the society; The ‘blockchain’ based ICOs (category 2) is largely opportunists’ (or scammers in my dictionary) surviving mechanism reflected in the tech world.

The followers of both categories are in the Pub. Maybe the Pub made them to be 1 of the 2. Or worse, some is trying to reconcile both in their mind. That’s where more conflicts and complains came from.


Hi Guys,
Thank you John & Peter for the great work and resourcefull info you guys provide,
I’m newbee in Crypto even tho. It was presented (Bitcoin) in the 1st stage went bitcoin started back early 2000’s I felt shame myself for not keep with the Decent. crypto currency movement. BUt Doesnt matter what people think or Do at this point; we need to support the cause and the opportunity still exist , let’s celebrate & be part, share the greatest wealth transfer in the global economy… once a life time movement.
Guys we most be part of the solutions not the disruption!!!
Nothing personal just business !!
thank you for the thoughts & Ideas< >

I look forward to contribute on building better community .


Just wanted to say thank you to Peter and John for this wonderful site, and all of the knowledge and resources you guys freely provide to everyone. I have learned so much in the past months following and reading as I have time. Just learning a different philosophy puts things in a different perspective for me. Thank you guys for the life changing information.

My dad used to say “knowledge is power, you can never have too much”.


we’re just glad you’re here. thanks for being part of our small (but passionate) community!