The pub sold out for "scam ads"


Sad…truely sad.while steemit still is ad free. The pub now tracks and rapes members for ad data. I’m okay with this.i just find it funny Peter shits on steem when they have zero ads and actually provide transparency with block chain. Let’s be honest with our self here. this website is for profit and even trys to scam members with ba ads like this. Remember you can for sure get 250% gains in one hour.


Remember our last alert saw 419% gains…on the same page of this thread. Hmm. Peter you are seeming a bit full of it on steem with your web ads situation. Still love the pub tho. Just find this hilarious.


Don’t forget to join Facebook and have all your political data sucked up by ai and used against you in a political brain wash war.

You cool with this Peter? Lol


Addblocker works like a charm for me. :grin:


no, we aren’t cool with a lot of these ads, but, they are served through a system that we’ve implemented and explained historically.

although i’m tempted to change the title of your post, it is your opinion and you’re entitled to it… i won’t lie though, since you’ve been around for a time, you know how we are about these types of things… it kind of hurts.

you can see some of our shared thoughts here:

it’s worth noting that we’re still experimenting and iterating on these things so that you can have a place to share your thoughts about such things.


yes, you can totally use one of your choice.


Don’t forget your ez tokens. That’s legit too. But even with ad blocker you are being tracked by the NSA. Via the pub. Did you know Google was funded by the NSA? Oh ya. Look I’m fine with this but Peter obviously stated Steem isn’t good. Well it’s looking better than the pub. Maybe Peter should build a pub on Steem instead of letting users get raped by Google … nsa… cia etc.


i’d suggest finding another place to hangout. you’ve spent a good 3+ months here and it seems you’ve gotten your “money’s worth”… hey… perhaps you can build a better one! please let us know when you do as you know we’d fully support you.


How about you leave? If you have nothing constructive to say. I guess no one gives a shit about this website. Even the patrons don’t care if they are raped for ad dollars. And I won’t have to leave this model will collapse soon enough.


thank you for this. you’ve made my decision really easy.