The EOS mainnet nightmare: How not to launch a blockchain network



If you don’t know yet - EOS has launched and all went as was planned. Nothing went wrong :slight_smile:


Yes EOS has launched but the mainnet is not live yet.

Which I think is the point of @john’s original article and the one I have linked that was posted oh about 10-15min ago. I am not invested in EOS, but have been following it and I know you are a big advocate for it @7UP.

I am mainly posting this as there are many concerned over ICX’s mainnet launch also of which I am invested in, but not enough to worry about main net launch due dates.

I personally think the year long ICO was just a money grab and that length is why I never invested in it. It just seemed sketchy to me.


Depends how you define a mainnet. They are producing blocks and transactions are coming through. All that needs to happen is that 15% of coins need to vote for block producers.

Also raising $4billion shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue: It’s probably the best thing that can happen to a coin you’re invested into.


I am not saying that raising capitol is a bad thing. I just feel if you need an ICO to raid capital it shouldn’t be a year long process. If your product is good then get what you need to launch in a reasonable time (1year is not reasonable in my book) then work on your project to get a MVP. In all honesty there should have been an MVP prior to the ICO. Again this is just how I look at things. I know I will miss out on opportunities because something doesn’t feel right but I am ok with that.

Only time will tell if the EOS is just hype or a real competitor.


The ICO process were to try and ensure a fair distribution of coins. EOS could have had people mine up the coin and achieved the same result - however all that would do is waste power and money. It’s not about the amount of money itself.

And there was 2 MVP’s prior to the ICO. Steem and Bitshares both use DPOS and Graphene technology created by Daniel Larimer.

The billions raised will be going towards creating an ecosystem for EOS. And I don’t mean some shitty one - I mean ensuring thousands of well developed and good dapps get built on eos. At the moment - have announced a $1billion fund to get thousands of dapps developed.

I think not investing in something because something doesn’t feel right isn’t a wise thing to do. I did that a while ago and missed many opportunities. And I guarantee there are some people who missed out on ethereum at ICO because ‘something didn’t feel right.’ Emotions in investing are nothing but useless :stuck_out_tongue:


Those are separate products not an EOS product. I am saying EOS should have had its own MVP not relying on the founders previous projects to count towards EOS’ MVP. Every entrepreneur should have an MVP for every single product they create prior to asking for funding. Just because they had a successful widget in the past doesn’t mean that this new widget will be of the same quality. So an MVP needs to be created for every single product.


EOS is using both DPOS and Graphene which is what Bitshares and Steemit both use in order to achieve super low latency and high scalability.

They’re very similar and show that EOS can scale.

Whether or not they had an MVP - they have built their product now so it’s pretty good :slight_smile: 0.5 second block times and 0 fees are a blessing!


screw EOS. :beetconnect:


Zero fees on a network nobody will ever use for anything, tits!!!


The testnet was the MVP and it went as planned according to roadmap. interesting to watch the reaction to EOS. reminds me of when ETH moved higher than a dollar.


As soon as thing is up and running we will see exactly what it can do, till then it’s just fud


EOS will Mainnet by the end of the week. It just needs 15% of tokens sold during ICO to vote on the activation. We are currently a little over 6%.

Curiously, if Block One voted with the 100 million EOS that they have, we would already have an activated mainnet. But they don’t want to look like they back any specific block producers, so they will most likely sit out and why we have to wait another 4 or 5 days.

I made a video on how to vote with your EOS now. It uses open sourced code from EOSCanada (a block producer, not affiliated with Block One), but it isn’t the official tool from Block One, which is a pain in the a$$ to setup. At least you don’t put in your private key in a website, (it is all done via terminal). I might consider making another video to setup the official tool via Docker, if I have time.


Damn straight.

Pay $17+ for an ICO. Lmao


Nightmare? A bit over dramatic… I didn’t have any trouble sleeping at night. Not sure why you had a nightmare. Maybe you just didn’t pay attention AT ALL over the last year the ICO ran for. Your “nightmare” is and will literally be everyone’s best friend. Almost no one is even in the red on this project. Quit being a diva.


I got a small bag. Waiting to see if this project will be worth a shit in the future. We shall see.


@ Michael Novogratz

It’s not even two weeks old, give it a month or two to get it’s sea legs. Too many people criticize the crypto space expecting it to be a PhD student when indeed we are in like the 3 rd grade. Patience.



PSA: If you think the #EOS launch was chaotic, wait until #TRON launches in a couple of days… I also happened to have reviewed the entire $TRX codebase.
My eyes hurt.

They should rebrand to “TRON: the Frankenstein of crypto.” Learn more




Tried to send my EOS to Binance to sell it for BNB and ICX and got this message

“Deposit and Withdrawal for EOS will be suspended during the mainnet swap and will open again once we deem the mainnet to be stable.”


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