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Coming back to the topic of 5G…

Even though I am not sure whether or not it’s a conspiracy against humanity to have 5G towers build all over the world to fry us all – I was kind of worried because I had no idea how we could stop building these towers which could fry us basically, until I saw Bashar’s “The Structure of Existence”.

Apparently we change radiation that is harmful to us. :slight_smile:

There were other topics discussed like [advanced] propulsion technologies for example [which are hidden from the masses – basically a > > > CONSPIRACY < < <, because they are financed and protected with with black ops paid for with tax dollars]. See more at

We have to change our political systems. We need real republics, no “democracies”. 3-party systems if we have less… If you happen to be Dutch (like me) we can talk about what we can do.

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Nothing wrong with these 5G towers, they pump out 100,000+ watts of energy that I’m quite inclined to use to my advantage.

Ever wondered how crystal radio’s work? (Tesla’s greatest achievement)
Know what a negative inductor is?

100,00 watts is nothing compared to our Sun’s radiation, which also runs at a specific frequency.
People whom read my posts have probably put 2 and 2 together now.

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This is a good one.


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About “democracy”… A republic is better…

In a democracy the majority rules and minorities get fucked over.

Look at the Natives in the US for example.

By the way, I logged into the pub to post about Rainbow Gatherings – coming up in the Watercooler very soon… :smiley:




The “elites” are “conspiring” while people usually seem to be conniving because of mental programming basically…

Governments; UNICEF, CPS (& Dutch equivalent: Jeugdzorg) etc. etc. seem to be in the business of human trafficking, child trafficking etc. and they get funded by the people through taxes…


Generally what you call ‘religion’ on your planet — the ones that you recognize as ‘main stream religion’ — have generally been structured to take your power away from you; have been structured to de-connected you from your natural relationship to All That Is, and to get you to hand over the responsibility of that connection to someone else.

~ Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka (Keys of Ascension Workshop)

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