The Bumpy Road to a mining farm


I am in love right now that is a sexxxy rig!


Sooooo Today i started my new project , over the next few days ill be changing over my rigs to a more compact design , also it will be easier for me to deal with heat management.
Step one: Build the Server Rack


How does this control them? How are the rigs connected? Is it just over LAN?


Did you fabricate that? Or buy it like that.?


Are you able to supply pics of closer up on the racks. I’d like to see how the cards are placed


Ill put in some close ups tonight , But i make everything my self , i just buy the profils .


But here are some pics from yesterday



so , a small update , finally the raks are finished


Can I get a foot long BMT on white, add spinach, mustard, mayo, banana peppers, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.



I prefer oregano Parmasan , with steak and chees :joy: , maybe I should start a new business :joy: mining , and sandwiches


i hate this thread…lol


That’s one way of keeping them cool! :sunglasses:


Very inspiring! Very much


So a few updates , Got the Server rack up and running , and it works great

Now its time to make round 2 , still have some rigs laying around (Homeless )


your setup and space management are awesome

here is a :trophy: for being a true mining badass


Cooling solutions are easy. Just add more air tonnage to the space. It’s literally that simple. Not rocket science by any means. For what you have, you’re probably looking at 4+ tons of air conservatively. You would be better off with 6 to 8 tons for growth.