The Bumpy Road to a mining farm


so now finally i got the next 14 cards up and runnig , it was a royal pain , Because i dont have any 8-13 gpu motherboards anymore , So i thought i would use the MSI Z270 SLI PLUS because it has 6 PCIE slots plus 2x M.2 slots , and i thought i could use a M.2 adapter to PCIE .
Long story , short , it did not work so luckaly i had a PCIE expander board laying around , with that i could get it to work.
Then for the seconde Rig with 6 gpu`s i was using the ASUS 170A , at first it was ok , then after a Bios Update , my MAC address was corrupted , it was showing 88-88-88-88-87-88 and Simple mining , or better said my router could not handle that , so i switched the motherboard with an other Asus 170A that i had laying around , and long and behold my problems were solved.

And the crapy board


Everything looks to be coming along nicely for you. Just a few bumps along the way.

Last night I tried adding another GPU to one of our rigs since we have a dead PSU. I got everything setup for the 7th GPU just fine but when it started hashing the rig restarted. Currently I am not running any overclocking on the GPUs or any power modifications. The power supply is 1500w Titanium rating. I would think that 7 1070’s would be fine but it must be pushing it over what it can handle. I’m thinking I need to do some modifications to the clock speeds and power. The 7th GPU is being plugged into the last PCI slot which I’ve had problems with getting GPUs to work on that slot in the past.


I have had the same problem with my Vega64 rig , normally it draws 1700 watts so im using 2 x 1200 watt power supply , which should be plenty reserve , but if i overclock them by 5% more the system cuts out, not because of the overclocking its self , but the PSU . there are certain moments ,or better said spikes in power draw that they can not handle. I have tried different PSU`s and so far the best is corsair , had no problem with them .
Also one thing that i had to find out the hard way was , that some PSU Manufactures have different pinouts , because i was using a cable from an other psu and that shorted out the entire system. I could not even start the system


----------Project Miner Monitor------------------------
So After the first prototype was up and working , i decided to take it one step further, so i designed my own board , to act as an addon shield for the arduino YUN.The functions are as following .
I can monitor 8 miners via Power Consumption , and network Availability (ping).
So if the miner power consumption drops below a certain value , it will reset the miner , same as with the the network monitoring, If the miner is not available via PING then it resets the miner .

Applying the solder paste

Still have to do some clean up , to remove all the Flux

All powered up and ready to Rock… Still have to write the code …

Mining Challenges

This looks pretty good. Is that a ledger USB cable connected to the YUN?


So funny , when i posted the picture , i was thinking to my self , if anybody is going to notice that the usb cabel is from my Ledger :rofl:


Whats your total cost on this beast so far? And is that a customized rack? Great job!


thanks for the complement .I think the total cost is about 45 to 50k $ and the total earning every month between 10 to 13k. the racks i made my self , they are just standard raks from the hardware store


do you often change which coin to mine ? or on what do you base in which currencies to mine?

I only know the most popular are obviously the most “difficult” to mine, but obviously more rewarding $$


well , not so often , i mine 50/50 zec/zen on the nvidia cards , and electronium on the vega64 cards


So , its been a long weekend , i have been redoing the cabling . The reason for my madness is im bored and have nothing to do , waiting for cards . :grinning: Well the real reason is have to centralise the power distribution to use the new rig power monitoring board that i built , So no better time then the present.Its a bit of a mess but im getting there .

The non Decentralised power distribution :grin:

The rats Nest

and the terminal output of the Power monitor Board


no problem , anything to help


Man, that is a nice terminal box! So those are just din rail terminal blocks? You are making me want to got to Skycraft right now!


Ja just some standard DIN rails with Wago terminal blocks. A bunch of stuff I got from work , (good to be a field service technician) :grinning:

The latest picture

Mining Challenges

You want to help us get some momentum for the pool I created out of the demand of Pub members?


hi there … i really love your great farm… that will be my target hehe i’m just a noob in mining world…
i also use simple mining… i want to ask …

  1. if number total restart always increase …is it bad for the gpu?
  2. can you help me about oc setting 1070, 1070Ti and 1080Ti?
    really appreciate your answer…thanks a lot :smile:


That really depends on the os and what card you are using, on the 1070 I have 150 gpu and 400 memory 130watts , and on the 1070 ti 150 gpu 700 mem and 115 watts power , for the 1080ti I don’t have any in the farm , only in my gaming pc , but I could not get more than 150 gpu and 200 mem . For the mining I’m using smos . Restarting the gpu really doesn’t do much to the gpu , today’s psu’s are quite good against high voltage protection


thanks a lot for your answer… i will try right away…hehe btw do you happen to now the oc setting for rx 580 4gb in simple os? and the coin price really make me headache haha


so Now after some playing around , i finally finished the 2nd version of my mining rig controller .
Now i implemented a simple web interface , with the following functions , Auto reset (if it detects a power drop), Manual Reset, Manual power on/off, and a power consumption Counter. The controller im using is the arduino Leonardo ETH. in total its possible to control and monitor up to 48 rigs.

The power board

And the controller

And this is how it looks all put together


@ImaginaryPi ja its a bit getto :joy: