The Bumpy Road to a mining farm


Careful with using that outside air. You don’t want humidity levels to get too high in that space. I’m not sure where you are but in Georgia it was an issue we had to consider.

Love the setup. Looks like things are coming along nicely.


thank you for the info, ja im quite happy with how things are moving forward , some times a bit slow , waiting for new cards to arrive , Also for me i have the most fun in building the setup , cable and air optimization , it has turned in to my biggest hobby. Now at the moment im trying to think of a better solution for the ventilation system , The 2 fans 18" are Maxed out at the moment and im only at 9,5Kw i can go up to 60Kw , also i added a temporary air filter , because i was pulling in snow and some snow flacks would land on the motherboard and cause it to crash . I have sensors installed in the room measuring the temperature and humidity .How did you solve your cooling issue ?
btw im living in Switzerland


Overcame the cooling issue with this bad boy.


wow , not that is what i call a air conditioner , how many watts does that have ?


About 158 kWh per month


----------------------------------------------------Small Update -------------------------------------------
So today i was putting a DIY mining rig reseter based off the Arduino Yun Platform, so what it does is very simple and just like the SSRv2 .
It pings over Ethernet the miner , and if it does not respond, it waits for some time 5 min , and then it will reset the rig .
At the moment it can monitor 8 rigs, but for the future i want to make a real PCB Shield for the arduino that has more relays .


So i installed the board , now things are up and running.


-------------------------------UPDATE Miner reseter----------------------------------------------------
So just for fun , i made a miner auto restarter the one above ,that looks like a Birds nest , so what it does is , it pings the miner and if it does not respond then it will reset the miner , works great , so now i went to the next step of making my own PCB , now with this version it will monitor the Power consumption and also ping the miner, because some times the miner stops but is still reachable via ping , but the power would drop and that i can monitor and there for reset the miner , im doing this with a Arduino Yun (Because i like low level programming and not the Raspberry PI) its built to handel 8 miners. So now im waiting for the boards to arrive(8 LONG DAYS) , when i get thigs up and running i will post some updates on my progress


Hi bud - followed this thread for a while now and decided to sign up for an account as I am impressed with the work you have put into it!

I have 6 x 6 card rigs running in my house but will be looking to expand in the next couple months before the summer comes in. Going to build up a mining shed out back which will eventually become a summerhouse once I am done (or at least that is what I am telling the missus anyway :)) I really cant imagine when that will be though!

I may drop you a ping to pick your brains on some things regarding extraction if that is cool?


May your hashrates be high and your watts low!


No problem , like the idea with the Summerhouse, I can really imagine how that went, and what your ideas where , so funny . feel free to ask if you have a question

best regards ciao


So , i was waiting for them , finally they are here 14x 1070ti , Its play time :grin:


I’m amazed that you were able to get your hands on so many!


luckily i live 1 km next to the main warehouse from Switzerland’s biggest electronic store :grinning: they still have plenty in stock , but not for the same price , i got them for 500$ a piece , now they cost 590$


Nice work! I was looking at a similar relay board I researched for an irrigation system I was working on. I was going to link the board, but they don’t seem to be in production any longer. It’s a shame because they were really cheap and very easy to use. I think what you have is a bit more reliable since it’s not WiFi, but I have linked the board below in case you want to see it anyway. The selection of the microcontroller over a RPi would be my choice as well, but the RPi does make it easy to integrate a full monitoring dashboard and notification system right on the board. Btw, is the relay connected to the MB reset or power switch? I’m just curious to know if you are attempting a pushbutton shutdown/powerup or just a hard reboot? These type projects give me an explosion in the pants.


The board shown above , does a reset of the motherboard , but the new version will just cut the power to the motherboard .


So i just got my PCB`s for my new project ,as a replacement for the Rats nest above :grinning:
So much to do, and so little time . Time for the night shift .


holy cryptofarm ! nice one


you go bro!!!..get dem hashes…just starting and hope to be where you are soon…


That’s a nice looking board. Did you get it for a good price? It looks like there are insets on the relay sockets. I am going to have to go work in the lab after this post. :slight_smile:


thanks , well the board are a bit pricey , 110$ because they are made to your own design , I make the design with Eagle Cad and then i send it to them , and wait one week. No there are no inserts , just cut outs around the relay.