The Bumpy Road to a mining farm


Hi Entropy
There are multiple reseons why i did not go with the ASIC solution some might sound strainge or even stupid but ill try to explain.

1- I dont like the idea that i buy the miner and that i have to wait up to 3 monthes (D3 disaster) who knows what thing will be like in 3 monthes , i dont want to have a big paper wait, of course things can go the other way , but its like that.

2- With a ASIC you dont have much of a choice of what to mine.(I like the GPU Swiss Knife idea)

3- With GPU’s i can expand my farm step by step.

4- I dont like the Monopol company BITMAIN and i dont want to support them in any way or form (You pay them 3 monthes in advance , who says they dont take your money to buy and build asic miner and then mine them selfs for 2-3 monthes before they send you your miner.)

5- after 2 years i can still sell the GPUs , an ASIC miner i can not

6- Garantie ? ASIC ? BITMAIN ? LMAO :rofl: . If something goes wrong with my Cards i just go to the shop and return them.

I bought the racks from the local hardware store and did alot of modifications

when the time comes and there is competischen in the asic market then i might consider buying a ASIC miner , but until then nop. and on the other side im making good profits


Great post! Thanks for the detailed response. All valid points!


So the last few days i have bin expanding my farm and been doing some cooling optimization
I added 6 more 1070ti’s and 4 more 1060 , now im still waiting for the 8x rx vega 56
Power consumption at the moment 9600watts

Simple easy to get Bigtowerìsh frame for GPU mining
Mining Farms making that BTC!

So rig 10 and 11 are the new ones in the family

RIG10 1070TI

RIG11 1060


Some Cooling optimization
soon i have to come up with a more efective methode of cooling , outside is already freezing , and in the room i have 22C with 2 50cm fans sucking air from outside on full blast


How many sols are you getting per 1070TI?


150 gpu 800 mem 120 watts


Which miner are you using?


Im using dstm-v0.5.6 in simple mining OS


are you overlocking with afterburner?


there is no afterburner in Linux ( this is the OS im using , but OC setting schould be 150 - 200 core / 700 - 800 Mem / and 120 Watts “maybe 80%”


What effect does increasing the mem have? I haven’t noticed any considerable changes on the hash rate.

70 pl/ 70 temp/ 200core/ 500 mem/


500 -520 sols is really the max what you are going to get , but you are pulling to much power, and try to increase fan speed your gpu is at almost 70c , i try to keep my gpus around 55c. sol/W should be a bit higher 4.1-4.5 the higher the better. what card are you using ? what model name Zotac amp ?


I’m using the EVGA 1070ti


Lowered the temp its running at 60c now.



what are your OC settings ? you know 5.02 Sol/W is extremely good . witch exact model do you have from EVGA 1070 TI


that is a great setup! love it


what power supplies are you running with your rigs. and what type of motherboards.

I have been looking at getting a few of the asrock h110 pro boards. is it worth the buy


Basically im going now with one standard that is ( asrock h110 pro, Corsair HX1200, G4400 CPU, 4g Ram, and as the OS)


thanks i will look into this.